Airsoft CamMan: Silent Industries AEG Hop Unit


On his extra channel, the Airsoft CamMan shows how to install the Silent Industries AEG Hop Unit. This airsoft upgrade utilizes a Top Dead Center (TDC) system for consistent pressure and allows for various nub types. The included trolley works with most nubs, but the system is optimized for their Black, Blue, ML Omega, or similar height nubs. It boasts the most travel distance for lifting even heavy BBs.

Fixing The S&T UMP9 Hop-Up


Kuroneko YZ looked to scavenging a hop-up from another AEG to fix the S&T UMP9 with a broken hop-up in part 1 in this custom project... "The HOP chamber part of the S&T standard electric gun [H&K UMP9 (Sports Line)] was damaged, so I used a set of HOP chambers for Marui G36 made by SHS. Repaired! I was happy to be able to use it smoothly with a little processing."

Silverback Tac-41 GBB Hop Up Installation Guide


Jaeger Precision shows how one owners of the Silverback Tac-41 can install the GBB type Hop-Up unit. The TAC-41 optional hopup unit is designed for use with "GBB" (Gas Blow Back) style inner barrels and hopup rubbers. It's made from high-quality CNC machined parts and includes a feeding system to prevent double feeding. This unit is compatible with most "GBB" type components and allows for some adjustment of the inner barrel for different brands.

MAXX Hop-up For ASG Scorpion EVO A1


L'Antre Du Dingo installs and checks the MAXX Hop-up For ASG Scorpion EVO A1. The Maxx CNC Aluminium Hopup Chamber EVO unit is an upgrade for ASG CZ Scorpion EVO-3 Airsoft Rifles, featuring a precisely machined design for accuracy and consistency. It has a rotary dial for fine-tuning hop-up adjustments and includes a bucking nub for both R-Hop and standard setups.

VFC M249 With Better Hop-Up


Explosive Enterprises spent some time improving the VFC M249 GBB and shows performance improvement in this video... "Iteration and improvement on VFC's gas blowback M249. The bucking we now recommend is a Maple Leaf Wonder, 70-degree- just be sure to modify it as shown for optimal function."

TTI Infinity Brass TDC Hop-Up Chamber For Hi-Capa


Clyde Santos got his hands on a prototype TTI Infinity brass TDC Hop-up chamber for the Hi-Capa gas blowback pistol and here is what he says about it... "The much awaited TTI Infinity brass chamber. Is it nexxspeed killer? Lets find out once they release the final product. This item is protype!"

Double Eagle Hop-Up & Barrel Upgrade


Tutorial from the Airsoft Manuals series of Taiwan Gun shows how to upgrade the hop-up and inner barrel of Double Eagle Airsoft Gun... "The second movie from our new series shows how to in a fast, easy, and affordable way tune up greatly the performance of your replica. This time we change not only the hop-up bucking and the barrel but also the hop-up chamber. Check it out!"

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa TDC Hop Up Chamber Set Test


JK Army does what it calls the ultimate test of the TM Hi-Capa TDC Hop Up Chamber Set. They have the sets available from different brands but which is the best? Watch the video below to find out and have an understanding what TDC is all about in airsoft.

Installing The Silent Industries MTW Alpha Hop Unit


Watch the Airsoft Camman as he shows how to install the Silent Industries MTW Alpha Hop Unit in the video... "Installing the Silent Industries Alpha Hop Unit into a Wolverine MTW. The Silent Industries Hop Chamber is a popular choice for lots of MTW owners."

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