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Hyperdouraku: TM MK18 MOD1 NEG Review

The Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 NGRS is now out and Hyperdouraku gets to be one of the first to review this new generation electric gun. This is a CQBR design with a Surefire-type 4 prong flash hider and a KAC-Type rear and front sights. It has fully licensed Daniel Defense RIS. Check with your retailers if they already have this in stock.

Hyperdouraku: FIRST Custom SCAR-L PDW

WANT! We've been waiting forward to a PDW version of the FN SCAR-L and now there is one albeit it's a custom gun. FIRST-Japan, the big Japanese airsoft retailer, produced a short version of the upper receiver for the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L New Generation Recoil Shock and it is done beatifully according to Hyperdouraku. Now, if FIRST-Japan will just export it to outside of Japan.

Vintage Airsoft Review: LS L85A1

Hyperdouraku features the L85A1 Airsoft Rifle made by LS for his Vintage Airsoft Review series. Introduced in 1991, this is HPA powered and comes with a magazine that has a 25-BB round capacity. Air intake is located at the buttstock area and comes with a simple cylinder with a transparent plastic plate that is used as the SUSAT.

Read the full review here.

Hyperdouraku: Classic Army DT-4 AEG

Probably the AEG that each serious airsoft gun collector would want to get next year, Hyperdouraku checks out the Classic Army DT-4 AEG. This is the "Double Trouble" AEG as it is a double barrel AR AEG that probably takes its inspiration from the Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake AR from Israel.

Read the full review here which is in Japanese and below is the video overview.

Hyperdouraku: Krytac Trident 47 SPR-M

Hyperdouraku gets to review the Krytac Trident 47 SPR-M AEG which the Japanese market already has ahead of other countries. It has the Krytac bille-style receiver, the M-LOK TR12 rail from Defiance which is another company under the KRISS Group, as well as the Defiance motor grip. As expected it has the 8mm bearing gearbox with built in MOSFET.

Hyperdouraku: TM Air Cocking M92F

In Japan, young people over the age of 10 but below 18 years can purchase the "10 Air Sports Gun" according to Hyperdouraku. These have a power of around 0.135j as compared to the standard 0.989j for the airsoft guns available to 18 years and above. With that power, BB weight is recommended at .12g. If you just need a cheap airsoft pistol as a prop sidearm, then you might just want to get one of these.

Hyperdouraku: TM Lightning Hawk. 50AE

First revealed during the Tokyo Game Show 2018, the Tokyo Marui Lightning Hawk. 50AE Gas Blowback Pistol was produced for the promotion of CAPCOM's Resident Evil/Biohazard RE:2. A remasted version of Resident Evil/Biohazard 2, this will come with a "wooden box", a dedicated 10-inch barrel and a dedicated 6-inch barrel to convert back into a Desert Eagle .50AE Gas Blowback Pistol.

Read more on Hyperdouraku.

Vintage Airsoft: KHC M88 Maverick Shotgun

Another round of Vintage Airsoft Review by Hyperdouraku, featuring the KHC M88 Maverick Shotgun. Introduced in 1993, this is a spring powered pump action airsoft shotgun which is quad-shot rather than tri-shot which is the Marui version that many airsoft manufacturers copied for their own shotgun lines. This airsoft shotgun is a bit heavier to pump according to those who have experienced using this.

Hyperdouraku: Krytac WarSport GPR-CC

Yas of Hyperdouraku checks the new licensed WarSport product to Krytac, the GPR-CC. This has the GPR rail system and it is also compatible with the LVOA rail sections. Externally, it also has licensed components from Defiance apart from licensed WarSport parts. Fire selector is ambidextrous and has the Krytac battery stock.

Read the full review here.

Hyperdouraku: G&G G226 Springer Pistol

Well, G&G Armament do produce airsoft springer pistols too. In this review by Hyperdouraku, Yas goes over the G&G G226 Springer which has a muzzle velocity of 250fps and usually it has a a range of around 70 feet. This is is made of polymer with metal internals. Magazine has a capacity of 14 BBs.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview: