CYMA XM177E2 ETU AEG Review By Hyperdouraku


Gentaro Toi reviews for Hyperdouraku the CYMA XM177E2 ETU AEG. Budget-conscious players should rejoice knowing the CYMA is churning out AEGs that come with MOSFET pre-installed though the question always is, will it perform to give the mid to high-end AEGs a stiff competition?... "Five models of the nostalgic M16 series electric guns from the Chinese brand CYMA are now available. The biggest feature is that it is equipped with the CYMA electronic trigger system 'ETU (Electric Trigger Unit)'.

Hyperdouraku: S&T M249 Para Sportsline AEG


Gentaro Toi reviews an affordable M249 AEG from S&T for Hyperdouraku... "Chinese manufacturer S&T has introduced M249 PARA on the sportsline. The sportsline is a model with a reasonable price range with a resin body for entry. It's not a toy for children, but the electric gun for those over 18 years old has been used to recreate the appearance.

Vintage Airsoft Review: MGC Brown Maxi-Comp


We go back in time again in this Vintage Air Review by Daisuke Kobori for Hyperdouraku. Being a user of MGC airsoft guns, this is a familiar pistol back in my uni days, the MGC Brown Maxi-Comp airsoft pistol which was released in 1987... "Once upon a time, MGC's home craft was a wide variety of variations. This is from the model gun era, and when something that will become one platform is completed, it will be sublimated to products with different charm while adding custom parts etc.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS


This is a pure video review of the newly released Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS done by Hyperdouraku with no accompanying text and photos. As its model indicates, this is the latest take of Tokyo Marui on the Kalashnikov rifle for the 21st Century and equipping with the simulated blowback and recoil features. Check with your retailers when they are going to have this in stock as it's already released in Japan.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui MTR16 G Edition GBB Rifle


One of the new releases of Tokyo Marui, the MTR16 G Edition is a version of the Tokyo Marui MTR16 GBB Rifle that comes with gold trimmings and Hyperdouraku is one of the early reviewers of this GBB rifle... "Marui's gas blowback rifle released in 2018, the MTR16, has a new variation. The 'MTR16 G Edition', a special model with gold parts. Last time MTR16 was an indoor review, but this time I was invited by the cheerfulness of spring and tried an outdoor review.

Hyperdouraku: SIG Air MCX Virtus SBR AEG


Gentaro Toi writes for Hyperdouraku about the SIG Air MCX Virtus SBR AEG that is exclusively carried by Laylax in Japan... "This MCX VIRTUS (Virtus) SBR (short-barreled rifle) is a model just announced in 2019. Like the MCX, the mechanism employs a highly reliable short stroke gas piston operation method.

Especially good with suppressors. Combination with 300BLK bullets is said to have been adopted by the Delta Force of the United States Army.

Hyperdouraku On The ICS Lightway-Peleador 2.0 AEG


The ICS Airsoft Lightway series was first revealed during the MOA Exhibition 2019 in Taipei. It is a new series from ICS Airsoft and this is an affordable line of AEGs that can be compared to Sportline series from other airsoft manufacturers. Hyperdouraku gives his take on the first officially released AEG in the series, the Lightway-Peleador 2.0...

Vintage Airsoft Review: MMC M16-A2 SP Gas Rifle


Another lesson in airsoft gun making history. Daisuke Kobori writes for Hyperdouraku about the MMC M16-A2 SP Gas Rifle that was introduced in March 1989 and is powered 2WAY of liquid charge type gas... "Meanwhile, MMC (Military Model Corporation) is a manufacturer that suddenly appeared in the industry with a complete reproduction model of M16A2 which was the latest variation at the time.

Vintage Airsoft Review: MGC M92F Pistol


Daisuke Kobori writes for Hyperdouraku with a review of the MGC M92F Liquid charge fixed slide pistol that was introduced during the Mid-1990s... "In 1985, the U.S. Army adopted the Beretta M92F as a result of trial testing, and when heroes started using the M92F in Hollywood action and Hong Kong Noir, Japanese gun fans increasingly eager for the definitive M92F air gun became.

Vintage Airsoft Review: Kokusai Llama Omni


Daisuke Kobori reviews for Hyperdouraku an airsoft pistol introduced in 1987, the air-cocking Llama Omni made by Kokusai. Intro is a rough translation of the text (in Japanese)... "LLama is a long-established Spanish firearms manufacturer. In the early 1960s, the first toy gun in Japan was a government-type metal model gun made by Tokyo CMC, a model gun maker that was no longer available. About 20 years later, Llama's toy gun that came back to the world was the Kokusai's Rama Omni.

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