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Hyperdouraku: WE Cybergun Thompson GBB

Hyperdouraku scrutinizes the Cybergun Thompson M1A1 Gas Blowback Rifle OEM by WE Airsoft. Released earlier this year, he finds it to be a faithfully reproduced with the areas that are supposed to be metal made of aluminium thought the areas that are supposed to be wood are made of faux wood though you can buy third party real wood for it.

Vintage Airsoft Review: Takatoku SS9000

Kobori Daisuke writes for Hyperdouraku with a review on a really vintage airsoft gun, the Takatoku SS9000 Bolt Action Airsoft Gun. It is the first bolt action airsoft gun made by Matsushiro Japan and the model, TM-07, was first released in 1976. It has a magazine that can carry five rounds and it is a rotary type.

Read the full review here.

Custom Heckler & Koch G11 AEG

One curious custom work submitted as an entry for the Custom Airsoft Gun Contest on Hyperdouraku is the Heckler & Koch G11 by Kato. This is an AEG based on non production protoype G11 assault rifle that was designed from late 1960s to 1990. Whilst a thousands units were made, it was never brought to full production.

Read further details of the G11 airsoft here (in Japanese).

Best Survival Game Fields 2018 In Japan

For airsof players visiting Japan and looking for the best places to play airsoft, here is a list they might want to consider. Hyperdouraku posted the best Survival Game Fields in 2018 that is broken down to Prefectures with game fields. The list is based on the votes by readers of the top Japanese airsoft blog.

Tokyo Marui Mini UZI AEG Review

Hyperdouraku reviews the Tokyo Marui Mini UZI AEG Review. In Japan, there is regulation that young people aged between 10-18 years are to be allowed to use airsoft guns provided that are low powered at aroud 0.135J (18 years and above can purchase 0.989J airsoft guns). This Mini UZI AEG is for that age group. It does fire 0.20g BBs but on 0.12g BBs, it can shoot up to 25 metres. It is powered by 4 AA Alkaline Batteries.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui MTR16 GBB

The Tokyo Marui MTR16 Gas Blowback Rifle is finally out and airsoft reviewers in Japan are having their hands on it, starting with Hyperdouraku. It's an own design by the Japanese airsoft company and again, they have chosen the Magpul M-Lok rail system as the railed handguard. The MTR16 uses the ZET System just like the M4 MWS which makes this AR-style GBB to be durable and prevents parts from getting loose due to its strong recoil.

Matsushiro Super Mauser Auto Custom

Another Vintage Airsoft story at Hyperdouraku for this latest history lessonn in airsoft. This features the Matsushiro Super Mauser Auto Custom. Kobori Daisuke writes about this spring powered Mauser airsoft pistol which is based on the C96 pistol. It is also a shell ejecting blowback pistol with the cartridges inserted via top via a stripper clip.

Read the full review here.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui P-90 Ver.Llenn

Hyperdouraku goes pink for this review as Yas and crew get their hands on the newly released Tokyo Marui P-90 Ver.LLenn. Initially a collaboration with Pizza Hut Japan and Reki Kawahara's Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online, it was eventually decided to have a limited release as there is stil a demand after the promo. This is the P-90 that Karen Kohiruimaki uses for her LLenn Avatar for Gun Gale Online.

Hyperdouraku BB Bottle Stickers

Yas of Hyperdouraku releases his own set of BB Bottle Stickers. When using BB bottles he always writes on them to label them type and size of BBs, so he decided to make his own stickers and also the Hyperdouraku logo that you can also stick on your airsoft gun. They ca be ordered in Japan and interested shops can contact him for bulk orders.

Albert.W. Model 01P GBB Pistol Review

With the Tokyo Marui Albert.W.Model 01P Gas Blowback Pistol now out, Hyperdouraku got one of the first units out for a review... "The Albert. W. Model 01 P introduced this time as the mass production model of 'Samurai Edge <Albert. W. Model 01>' is derived from the model used by STARS's first captain, Albert Wesker.