KJ Works KC-02 At Patrol Base


The KJ Works KC-02 GBR Version 1 which is a much well received gas blowback rifle, is available at Patrol Base... "The KC-02 has been designed to be the perfect weapon for highly mobile Airsoft skirmishers, being both lightweight and capable of accurate shooting. This gas blowback rifle features a semi-automatic only mechanism, making it an ideal platform for DMR builds, for accurate shooting.

KJW COLT MEU KP-07 At Airsoft Sports


A version of the Colt MEU pistol is made by KJ Works in the form of the KP-07 that is available at Airsoft Sports... "KJWorks decided to make its airsoft version of the famous "Colt" from metal. Thus, the pistol is impact-resistant. Being great specialists in the field of gas models, the developers of KJWorks did not deviate from their own traditions when designing this model. One can of CO? (weighing 12 grams) is enough for 80 shots.

KJ Works KC-02 Barrel And Hop Installation


In the second episode of Rogueworx Tech Series, he shows how you can install the KJ Works KC-02 barrel and hop-up... "Learn how to tech the formidable KJ Works KC-02 GBBR. This is one of the best airsoft rifles on the market when tweaked. This series of videos will show you all the tips and tricks we at Rogueworx have learned, as well as guides on installing all of our products. In this video, we show you how to install the inner barrel, barrel spacers and the Genesis hop kit."

KJW KP-16 Colt 1911 Tan At Airsoft Sports


Airsoft Sports give their take on the  KJW KP-16 Colt 1911 Tan Blowback Pistol that they have in stock... "A brief overview of the KJW KP-16 Colt 1911 TAN airsoft gun (GGB-0516TT). You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website."

Airsoft Sports: KJW M9A1 With Silencer


A quick overview of the KJW M9A1 Gas Blowback Pistol equipped with a silencer available at Airsoft Sports... "A brief overview of the KJW M9A1 (GGB-9606TMA1 W / SL) airsoft pistol with a silencer. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website"

CZ FanGrrl With The KJW Shadow 2 GBB Pistol


CZ FanGrrl has an update as she trains at home with the KJ Works Shadow 2 which is based on the CZ Shadow 2 pistol and shows some stage props... "I am just loving the KJW Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol and especially not having to shoot outside when it’s cold/wet/ snowy/icy.  

The Airsoft Fairy With The KJ Works MK1 NBB


The Airsoft Fairy considers the KJ Works Non-Blowaback Pistol to be the most powerful airsoft pistol he has fired. Based on the Ruger design, this usually has an initial muzzle velocity of 300fps and comes with a 16-round magazine.

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