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USAirsoft: KWA KMP9 GBB Review

USAirsoft considers the KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback Machine Pistol as one of the greatest airsoft guns made. The KMP9 has rails for mounting accessories and can use CQB bolt assembly that can be swapped to reduce muzzle velocity in CQB games. Highly compact, it is indeed a good GBB, but is it one of the greatest airsoft guns? Find out in the video if you agree.

AATV: Inside The KWA G2X Gearbox

A tech episode this time from Airsoft Action TV as they go over the KWA G2X Gearbox... "In an effort to start learning Final Cut Pro... We take a quick tour of the KWA G2X Gearbox as fitted to the KWA KM4 CQB that we reviewed this week. It's an old school, no nonsense conventional gearbox that won't let you down. Alternatively it'll be a great starting point to building the AEG of your dreams.

KWA Tavor GBB Rifle Disassembly

With the KWA Tavor Gas Blowback Rifle now available to order in Germany, Sniper AS follow up on their review with a takedown of the bullpup rifle. Made of metal and mainly ABS for the main body it has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and was first revealed during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg.

Umarex/KWA HK417 GBBR At WGC Shop

WGC Shop are now taking orders for the Umarex HK417A2 Gas Blowback Rifle made by KWA... "GBB pro manufacturer, KWA, just release the pre order of their HK417 GBB. It's 12 inches barreled, coming with flip up sight and slim line stock. KWA GBB is always your best choice for GBB."

KWA TK.45 M-Lok Prototype Stolen

KWA posted on their Facebook page that the prototype KWA TK.45 M-LOK was stolen. The photo you see here is the actual stolen item that comes with an EOTech XPS-02 mounted on its top rail. They ask the community that if they find information or someone tries to sell it inform them.

AST: KWA PTS Centurion Arms CR9 GBB

Airsoft Taiwan features what we believe to be is a limited edition PTS Centurion Arms CR9 Gas Blowback Rifle. This is made by KWA for PTS Syndicate and it is a full metal airsoft gas blowback rifle that has a steel bolt carrier. It also has an A5 retractable stock, handguard fix screws, and an H&K-type QD folding rear site. Other PTS parts here are the EPBUIS folding sight set, EPG, and the EPS.

KWA Ronin "TEKKEN" TK45 Sneak Peek

Another airsoft gun from KWA is set to join the Ronin series. Here is a video they released on Facebook giving us a sneak peek on the Ronin "Tekken" TK45... "'Quality Always Speaks for Itself'. KWA Performance Industries, Inc. proudly brings you your first sneak peek of the new Ronin 'TEKKEN' TK-45... stay tuned for more information on the release date and specs!"

Win A Custom Ronin From KWA

KWA will be giving away two Custom Ronins and for interested players, there are three ways to enter, just follow their instructions. You will see both of these Ronins, the Ronin XC which is a Ronin PDW with SBR Receiver and the Ronin X, which is Ronin SBR with the PDW Receiver, at the Evike.com Airsoftcon 2018 tomorrow.

RWTV: Umarex HK416D GBB By KWA

Marck West asks if this version of the HK416D GBBR made by KWA for Umarex is better than the version from VFC in this RWTV episode. This is now availalbe at the RedWolf Airsoft online store... "The KWA version here this their latest licensed offering in partnership with Umarex. Improving upon their incredibly stable and efficient System7 gas system this one now features the latest update to this system the System7Two. The new system aims to push efficiency and reliability further then its predecessor.

BB2K Airsoft: KWA Umarex Tavor GBB

Bruce gets to review the new Umarex TAR-21 Tavor Gas Blowback Rifle that is made by KWA in this BB2K Airsoft review... "UMAREX delivered a surprise at the IWA 2018 with the presentation of the KWA IWI Tavor Flattop GBB. A TAR-21 or SAR as gasblowback and then with full license. That means all markings from Israel Weapon Industries are placed correctly.