Airsoft Armoury: KWC UZI & Cybergun Desert Eagle


Danish airsoft retailer Airsoft Armoury shows a compact airsoft machine pistol and the hand cannon that they have in stock... "In this showcase, Gustav has found a couple of Israeli classics. Namely Mini Uzi and Desert Eagle. Will we soon have him here in a pink polo with white leather shoes? Who knows..."

KWC PM Makarov CO2 Pistol At Destockage Games


This a CO2 Blowback Version of the PM Makarov airsoft pistol from KWC that is available at Destockage Games... "Here is the KWC PM Makarov airsoft pistol in its Co2 blowback version. This replica straight out of the arsenal of the Soviet army will satisfy Russophiles

We offer you the PM Makarov pistol in its pack containing:

Mach Sakai: KWC Taurus PT 24/7 Springer


Whilst there is a KWC Taurus PT 24/7 CO2 NBB airsoft pistol, there is also a springer version that Mach Sakai checks out in this video. This is licensed by Cybergun and it has a metal slide with a reinforced polymer frame. It usually is 320fps but this should meet the Japanese regulations at a maximum of .98j. It has a accessory under rail and rubberised ergonomic grip.

KWC/Umarex Beretta M9A3 CO2 Pistol


Timerzanov Airsoft features the KWC/Umarex Beretta M9A3 CO2 Pistol for this video review... "Hi all! Today I present to you the M9A3 from KWC / UMARE a very nice replica. The Beretta M9 is renowned worldwide for its ideal handling and simple design, hardiness and reliability that has made it adopted as a service weapon for the US forces. With its experience in the field, Beretta released in 2015 a modernized version of its pistol: the M9A3.

BB2K Airsoft Review Of The KWC UZI


BB2K Airsoft gets his hands on one of the famous guns in the 1980s, the Uzi, and in this case it is an airsoft version in the form of the KWC Uzi... "Who does not know the IMI UZI submachine gun. Next to the AK, it is probably the most famous weapon worldwide. It was used in blockbusters of the 80's and by military and police worldwide. Besides the fullsize, there are the Mini, Micro and UZI Pro.

KWC P08 Luger Vs Real WWII Luger


Vinny M does a comparison of the airsoft version of the Luger made by KWC to the real deal one... "This is a top-to-bottom side by side comparison between the kwc airsoft po8 Luger and a real war time issued 1938 dated Mauser Luger. It also includes a side-by-side shooting comparison in slow motion at three different angles. At the end of the day I cannot believe KWC was able to mimic the real Luger as closely as they did."

Cybergun/KWC Glock 17 GEN4 CO2 Pistol


L'antre Du Dingo checks out the Cybergun/KWC Glock 17 GEN4 CO2 Blowback Pistol. As far as we know, the Cybergun editions are only sold in France and French territories whilst Umarex covers the rest of the world. Is there a difference between this and the Umarex Glock 17 Gen 4 CO2 pistol? We doubt if there are apart from packaging as both are made by KWC... "Let' have a look at the latest Glock 17 GEN 4 by Cybergun. This is a collaboration with KWC and this replica is made to withstand CO².

Colt Licensed 1911 Tactical CO2 At


In stock at is the Colt Licensed 1911 Tactical Full Metal CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol by KWC... "For over 100 years, the Colt 1911 has been Americas handgun. Simple, rugged, reliable and timeless. The Colt 1911 was born from conflict and quickly became the tool that American servicemen, peace officers and citizens came to stake their lives upon. When the chips were down, you knew you could trust your 1911 to make sure you came out on top.

Airsoft Station: KWC Smith & Wesson M&P 40


A close look at the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 GBB pistol made by KWC available at Airsoft Station... "The new M&P 40 Co2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol, is a fully licensed Smith & Wesson replica that is perfect for training purposes. Constructed with a rugged full metal slide and nylon fiber polymer frame, the M&P 40 is extremely resilient to outside damage while still remaining lightweight and easily maneuverable.

Toronto Airsoft: KWC 24/7 CO2 Pistol


In stock at Toronto Airsof is the KWC 24/7 CO2 Blowback Pistol. Based on the Taurus 24/7, this fully licensed to Cybergun... "This pistol features an ergonomic and textured pistol grip unique to the 24/7, and weighs in at about 400g, or about 1 lb (loaded). The integrated railed frame allows you to easily mount tactical accessories including but not limited to lasers and flashlights. The gun frame is made out of a high impact polymer for durability.

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