Pyrosoft RG-6 "Bulldog" Launcher Review


Basmach Airsoft checks out the airsoft version RG-6 "Bulldog" launcher. Released in 1994, the real deal Russian RG-6 launcher is 40mm, six-shot, revolver type grenade launcher similar to the Milkor MGL (airsoft version is made by ICS Airsoft). Pyrosoft is a company that does pyro rounds and grenades that can be used for airsoft and milsim where allowed and is based in Ukraine.

Airsoftjunkiez: TAGinn ML36 Launcher For Milsim Events


The TAGinn ML36 launcher do quickly run out of stock at Airsoftjunkiez but they do have more on the way as they're taking pre-orders again. It can fire dummy rounds of compatible TAGinn pyro rounds... "Taginn ML 36 firing a MK2 Pecker Dummy Round. Shipping all Taginn launchable round & hand grenades via FedEx Hazmat. Get your orders in."

Salty Old Gamer: ASG B&T GL-06 Airsoft Grenade Launcher


The Salty Old Gamer reviews the ASG B&T GL-06 Standalone airsoft grenade launcher in this video... "We're taking a look at the ASG B&T GL-06 Airsoft Grenade Launcher. It's a sturdy, solid, single shot 40mm airsoft grenade launcher that you can try running primary, or sling it against your back. Check it out."

Double Bell/DBoys GP-25 Launcher Review


Joe's Custom Airsoft takes a look a the Double Bell GP-25 Airsoft Grenade Launcher. If you are thinking it looks like the version DBoys, you're not wrong. This is a full metal launcher for the AK series an authentic looking VOG-25 style airsoft shower grenade and can be used as a standalone launcher as well... "In this video I take a look at the Double Bell (DBoys) GP-25 under-barrel grenade launcher for AK style airsoft guns."

Avengers 40mm Mosquito Mold-Style Airsoft Grenade Launcher


Compact Avengers 40mm Mosquito Mold-Style Airsoft Grenade Launcher is available now at This launcher is of metal alloy construction and fits most popular 20mm accessory rails. It has integrated 20mm rail mounts allows for mounting of additional accessories and can be fired using the rear trigger or side triggers... "For when you need a launcher on your PCC/PDW/CQB shortyboi. The Avengers Aluminum 40mm Mosquito Mold Style Airsoft 40mm 'Nade Launcher."

6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Launcher


In stock right now at is a 6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Grenade Launcher for those who prefer just showering the OPFOR with BBs... "The 6mmProShop Standalone Grenade Launcher Carrier kit lets you trim some weight off your rifle by taking that M203 launcher tube off and redeploying it as a standalone weapon; this way your primary weapon is more wieldy but you do not give up the additional firepower of a grenade launcher.

Strike Art "Kid 2.0" Launcher Review


An affordable standalone pistol launcher from Strike Art called the "Kid 2.0" (or Baby 2.0 depending on your translation from Russian) gets featured by Red Army Airsoft... "In this issue we will look at the novelty from StrikeArt - the compact grenade launcher "Kid 2.0' At the moment, 'Kid' is the most budget-friendly launcher for pyrotechnic shots of VOG Tulip."

TAGInn ML36 Launcher At Airsoftjunkiez


The ML36 Grenade Launcher made by TAGInn is highly recommended for use in Milsim events and it is available right now at Airsoftjunkiez.... "The TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher with its rifled TAGinn barrel is a shell-less launcher that fires TAGinn projectiles directly without the need of any launching "Shell". The TAG-ML36 is a mutual project of TAGinn and "Madritsch Weapon Technology".

TAG-ML36 is a pneumatic training system for the ML-40 launcher by 'Madritsch WT'.

ICS MGL Grenade Launcher With 40 Mike


Trifecta Airsoft tests some 40mm gas shells from Airsoft Innovations and King Arms with the ICS Airsoft MGL... "Grenade Launcher by ICS works great. The grenades are what makes the difference. 40 mike shoots great, but broke on the first use, the Master mike broke before we could shoot it, and the King Arms 'nades are made very well and performed great, just very low fps, but great for CQB and room clearing.

Thank you for watching!"

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