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LCT Airsoft

LCT LCK EBB Series Release Imminent

A lot of airsoft players are actually waiting for this, the Electric Blowback Series from LCT Airsoft. The company just released the latest teaser showing a list of various LCT LCK models that will be released with the blowback feature. We were mighty impressed as we actually tried it before and for owners of older LCT AK AEGs, an EBB kit is in the works as announced last year.

StrikeCon 2019 & LCT Airsoft AK-12 News

Alexander of Red Army Airsoft reports about the annual Russian Airsoft Convention, StrikeCon 2019. He talks about the upcoming products and releases from TAGInn, Zeus, GeoTactics, Ars Armah and the replica Elcan SpecterDR Gen III from Loken. Also covered is the LCT Airsoft AK-12, VVD Proteus 3 and FAB Defense.

"More Frustrating Than Airsoft Cheaters"

Find out what riles up DesertFox Airsoft more than airsoft cheaters in this video... "More frustrating than airsoft cheaters is the hop-up in your airsoft gun not working. This LCT TK104 AK104 AEG came with a broken hop-up unit out of the box. I plan on having it fixed/upgraded by's new custom gun builder service (coming soon)."

Airsoftology: LCT Airsoft Factory Tour

Factory tours always give us an insight on the how an airsoft company treats its products and workers. The cleaner the factory and the happier the workers, usually also means higher quality products. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology gives us a tour of the LCT Airsoft factory in Hemei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan so you can see for yourself why their airsoft guns are always of high quality.

Evike: LCT Airsoft AK AEG Series feature the LCT Airsoft AK AEG Series, which is a much well received AK AEGs by airsoft players due to its build quality... "Looking for one of the most REALISTIC looking AKs on the Airsoft market to play with or to add to your ever growing Airsoft collection? Then look no further than the LCT Airsoft AK AEG Series!"

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez goes for another big airsoft gun from LCT Airsoft to review, the RPD LMG... "Heavy metal today in the Lair! The RPD machinegun from LCT. A legendary LMG at last available for us! Thanks to Airsoft Entrepot for lending this toy to me."

Incoming! LCT Motor & Slim AK Grip

This is good news, to have a Slim Motor to fit a Slim Pistol Grip. LCT Airsoft announce that their Realistic Series AK Grip and Slim AK AEG Motor will be coming soon. For the motors, yoou can either choose the SL-Torque Motor Slim or the SL-Speed Motor Slim. They will fit the PK349 and PK350 Slim AK Grips respectively.

DesertFox Airsoft: LCT TK104 AK104 AEG

It looks like a disappointment for DesertFox Airsoft in this Straight Out of the Box episode with the LCT Airsoft TK104 AEG... "Heart breaking let down from the LCT TK104 AK104 AEG.  Even though the LCT TK104 AK104 was not properly working I was still able to get some kills at SC Village."

Toronto Airsoft: LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG

The LCT Airsoft G3 replica, the LCT LC-3 AEG is available now at Toronto Airsoft. This AEG has full steel construction tjay mimics the look and feel of the real thing. It features a heavy duty synthetic stock and handguard, adjustable aperture rear sight, and realistic steel charging handle. Other features are the paddle or push button magazine release and the full metal reinforced Version 3 gearbox with 9mm bearings.

Sniper AS: LCT Airsoft PKP Pecheneg

The LCT Airsoft PKP Pecheneg AEG is available at Sniper-AS and here is Tom to give you the highlights of this hefty airsoft gun... "Hey people & GRU Spetsnaz, the steel monster from LCT is here! The PKP Pecheneg Machine Gun in 6mm! The Airsoft weapon has an absolutely blatant weight and it is also from the home LCT, so you can expect good processing. What good are MGs on the Airsoft playing field? Your opinion in the comments. Now have fun with the video. Greetings Tom."