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Coming Soon: LCT Airsoft LC-3AR AEG

Now we get to see more photos of the upcoming LCT Airsoft LC-3AR AEG. A follow through in their LC-3 Series, this AEG is made of railed handguard, full steel with 9mm bearings. It can be powered with a 11.1V 20C Lipoly Battery and comes with a 140-round magazine. No dates announced yet for its release.

Hyperdouraku: LCT G3A3 AEG Review

The next one to review the new LCT Airsoft LC-3A3 (G3A3) AEG is Hyperdouraku, which means the AEG is now available in Japan. He reviews the S variant, or the Slimline LC-3A3, as shown by a slimmer profile at the handguard area. Gotaro Toi does the review this time, showing the features of this AEG based on the iconic German rifle.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

LCT Airsoft: Coming Soon In 2018

LCT Airsoft released a teaser video giving us a glimpse of what they will release this year. The first one is the PKP AEG which they are targetting June 2018 as the release month. The second one is another G3 AEG, the LC-3A4 which is based on the G3A4 which has a collapsible stock. The last one is the LC-3 AR which probably is an LC-3 that has a flat rail mounted on it to easily attach weapons accessories.

Sniper AS: LCT Airsoft LC-3 Review

Sniper AS got the LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG available now and here is their take on this G3 airsoft  version... "Tom looks at LCT's LC-3 models and puts them through their paces. You will learn all about the technical details, the internals, which LC-3 models are available. In addition to the normal shooting test, you'll also see our new speed shooting for the first time on this video, where Tom sets the first fastest time for long guns."

Hensoldt Scope With STANAG Claw Mount

LCT Airsoft posts a video showing a STANAG Claw Mount comfortable on the LCT LC-3 AEG. There are websites where you can find the STANAG Claw Mount for the Heckler & Koch G3 Rifle. This claw mount allows you to mount the Hensoldt Rifle Scope on the LC-3 AEG.

Burntwolf Airsoft: LCT LC3 AEG Review

The LCT Airsoft LC3A3 (or G3A3) AEG is available in the UK and Burntwolf Airsoft does a review of this "nicety"... "Right then you Orrible lot this week on Burntwolf Airsoft im going to be taking a look the the G3A3 made by LCT airsoft.  This is a fantastic looking rifle made from full metal with a Nylon Fibre grip and handle,which i think is just a fancy word for plastic!

Battery Install In LCT LC-3 Wide Handguard

LCT Airsoft got a new wide handguard for their new LCT LC-3 AEG, especially for those owners of the slim version of the AEG. Having a wide handguard allows you to install a higher capacity battery, which also means a larger battery. They sent in a video for you to follow in installing a large battery which you can watch right now:

LCT Airsoft LC-3 Low Profile Scope Mount

For LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG owners who still have not blown away their Christmas Budget, LCT Airsoft has a new part that can be used with it, a Low Profile Scope Mount. This comes with a 8.5 inch Picattiny Rail, making it easier to mount accessories on the AEG. This will be released on the 20th of December 2017.

WGC Shop: LCT Airsoft AEG Restock

Looking for an LCT Airsoft AEG, better point your browser to the WGC Shop online store as they got a restock of LCT stuff. They have back in stock the new LC3 (G3) AEG series as well as the LCK-74MN and the AS VAL Full Steel AEG. Click here to find out further what is back on their shelves.

LCT LC-3 G3 AEG Unboxing By AirsoftBB

Brian of AirsoftBB sends in news about unboxing video they made unpacking the LCT Airsoft LC3 AEG... "Today i share with you our latest unboxing about the new LCT LC3 ( G3 ) make it with Kulebra, one of our staff reviewers. The LC3 be the latest G3 in the market and looks really really good.

This German beauty be developed by Heckler & Kotch and based on the spanish CETME  and are made from real steel with a incredible details on his body.