More LCT LCK Forward Optical Rail System Photos


Weekend news from LCT Airsoft is about their LCK Forward Optical Rail System. Available in three lengths: 176mm (PK-228), 146mm (PK-229) and 118.5mm (PK-357). For owners of the LCT Airsoft AEGs, they can check if their AEGs which either are LCK and TX series will be able to use any of these.

LCT Airsoft TK102 AEG At Airsoft Sports


The LCT Airsoft TK102 AEG which has a polymer folding stock and stamped steel receiver is available at Airsoft Sports... "An overview of the LCT TK102 UP airsoft drive. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website."

LCT Airsoft AK-47 LCKM AEG At Airsoft Station


Available right now at Airsoft Station online or in store is the LCT Airsoft AK-47 LCKM AEG... "The unique AK-47 LCKM from LCT comes with an outstanding list of features that set it apart from its competitors, including Real Wood accents, a sturdy full steel body, receiver, receiver cover, and one-piece barrel assembly so your rifle will stand up to the harshest battle conditions without breaking.

LCT Airsoft SVD AEG Now Shipping


It's finally on its way to retailers worldwide, the SVD AEG from LCT Airsoft. Two versions are available, black and probably the more sought after version, the wood furniture version. If you are keeping an eye on this, better ask your nearest airsoft retailer when they are going to have these in stock.

Airsoft Sports: LCT Airsoft LCK104 AEG


A quick overview by Airsoft Sports on the LCK104 AEG made by LCT Airsoft... "The Kalashnikov assault rifle is the most popular weapon in Russian airsoft. Metal parts make the LCK104 durable - it is not afraid of shocks, falls, or other types of mechanical stress. Like the combat prototype, the LCK104 is a reliable and high-quality weapon.

Become the owner of your 'Kalash' today - order LCK104 in our store."

LCT Airsoft SVD AEG 31 December Release


We've got a Christmas news update on the upcoming LCT Airsoft SVD AEG for those who have been waiting for this. They will be releasing this on the 31st of December as they say, "Let the release of LCT SVD close and start the year for you!"

AEG Drum Magazine From LCT Airsoft


A short skit about the PK-381 for the RPK and PK-403 for the LCK-16 electric winding drum magazines made by LCT Airsoft. Powered by three AA batteries, both drum magazines have a capacity of 2,000 rounds which should keep the OPFORs' heads down whilst you go for your objectives during a game.

Tactical Components For LCT LC-3/LK33/LK53 Series


Owners of the LCT Airsoft  LC-3/LK33/LK53 AEGs and EBBs got a some good choices in adding components for these models. LCT Airsoft announced some tactical components such as a low profile scope mount, retractable stock, RS handguards, and AR stock tube set. They can ask their retailers when they can have these in stock.

LCT Airsoft Plastic Tactical Handguards


LCT Airsoft announced that they are releasing plastic tactical handguards for their AK AEGs. If you want to lighten your LCT AK AEG in terms of weight, then these handguards are good options and available in three colours. These are complete sets coming with stock and pistol grips as well, with the exception of PK-299. Compatible LCT products are the LCK74M and LCK-9.

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