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G&P CQB-R AEX Exclusive Offer

This is an limited time offer from Airsoft Extreme which you can get this AEG that is actually ready to rumble out of the box... "Airsoft Extreme presents a LIMITED QUANTITY of the G&P CQB/R AEG  at a very special price. Among its many features, you will find the official AEX Logo on the lower receiver!

G&G M4 10" FF RAS Combat Machine

This is a limited edition custom gun based on the G&G M4 Combat machine and can be had for US$220.00 at Not a bad price for a customised AEG... "This is a custom G&G Combat Machine M4 Carbine with 10in Free Float RAS designed for use in various combat environments including MOUT and woodland areas.

Magpul-G&P M4 CQB MOE AEG Dark Earth

Latest Magpul MOE M4 AEG made by G&P and it is the CQB version for those waiting for one of these. It's available at eHobby Asia for US$315, shipping costs not included. This has a limited edition full metal aluminium Magpul-type and G&P consolidated gearbox and internal custom parts. This is ready to go for 350FPS without modification and in dark earth colour. This also comes with a free Magpul PTS MOE Vertical Grip (MVG), and this free offer comes with every purchase of any MOE AEG.

KSC M4A1 GBB-R Prototype Tested

Hyperdouraku reports that last 10 July 2010, the staff of KSC, headed by their president conducted trial testing of the upcoming KSC M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle so initial reports can be made to further refine the product before officially releasing it to the market.

King Arms M4A1 Gas Blowback & AG Custom Electric Blowback Rifles

We guess your choices this time will be simpler, like Paul the Octopus, since all you need to do is choose between a gas blowback M4 rifle and an electric blowback rifle. Airsoft Global presents you both the King Arms M4A1 Gas Blowback and their own custom  11" airsoft rifle based on the Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting (APS) electric blowback.

KJ Works M4 CQB GBB-R arrives at Airsplat

Airsplat claims to have this rifle in the US for now and Tanio Koba fans would love this and all you need to do is wait for a third party to provide a metal body with trades to spruce up the look... "This is the new released, highly anticipated CQB version of the famous KJW M4 GBB Rifle. As with the previous version it incorporates an open bolt system along with a full quad rail RIS, 3 rail covers, and Delta Force style rear sight. This is very limited and available in very few places.

New APS M4 Electric Blowbacks and Bell Mauser C96 at Airsoft Panda

Airsoft Panda sent in news of the availability of APS M4 AEGs: the APS Full Metal M4A1 CQBR (ASR 102), and APS Full Metal M4A1 RAS (ASR 104). Both are the usual APS electric blow back AEGs. Another new item available is the Bell Mauser C96 for reenactors and collectors, though unfortunately the link provided to us for this item does not show more information or even images. Perhaps this will be revealed on Monday so just come to this page to check if the link for the C96 will be active.

Airsoft GI Combat Machine X4-A1 Airsoft Gun Back by Mid-July

Another custom gun from Airsoft GI expected to be available for ordering again next week... "The Airsoft GI Combat Machine X4-A1 Airsoft Gun is a very unique and futuristic AEG. The barrel is very sturdy and is constructed of metal. The body is made of G&G's resilient polymer and inside it features the same reliable internals that our Airsoft GI G4s are made from.

Tokyo Marui High Cycle Custom M4 CRW AEG

The latest in the High Cycle Series from Tokyo Marui... "With the development of the high cycle series, the refinement of small parts in various locations to ensure their reliability. BBs fly out of the AEG like a shower, overwhelming the opponent with this advantage. It comes with a 300-round magazine and the RIS is standard die-cast aluminium and is powered with an 8.4v mini battery that is mounted in the rear stock."

New RedWolf Custom M4 Full Metal AEGs

Two new M4 Custom AEGs from RedWolf Airsoft this time. Both are full metal and they come with a standard polymer grip, flip-up iron sights, and either a Megaforce of Navy Seal Team receiver markings. If you prefer a rear-wired gearbox, the crane stock version comes with a crane stock battery and the front wired for the M4A1 version. Just click on the links below to learn more.