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Mach Sakai: A&K MK43 M60 LMG

Mach Sakai brings a heavy one for a quick steel challenge at his range, the A&K MK43/M60 Light Machine Gun. Weighing at aorund 6.8kg its box magazine has a capacity of 2,500 rounds and is based on the M60E4. This is available for some years now and can be ordered at most reputable airsoft retailers.

CA Micro Gun & Horny Unicorn M60

The title of this video by Scoutthedoggie will surely get your attention as he has his latest gameplay footage for everyone's viewing pleasure... "In this game two players patrol a road, between two teams, they are guarding objectives which the two teams are trying to capture, the more objectives the capture, the more points a team has and points mean prizes. Gary is using his new Classic army M132 (M134) microgun, James LeShirt is using an Ares M60 hidden underneath his horny unicorn."

Brain Exploder: VIP Escort Gameplay

Still with the A&K M60/MK43 support weapon and with this KWA Vz61 Skorpion, the Brain Exploder goes on a VIP Escort airsoft gameplay... "61/60 loadout being used to the max. My beloved KWA Vz61 paired with the A&K (possibly VFC) Mk43 (M60). Watch us as we attempt to deliver the VIP (pink M4) to a designated location on the field and get trapped in a room full of windows which leads to some really tight battles."

A&K M60 & GoPro Hero 5 Airsoft Debut

The Brain Exploder brings his new GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera for an airsoft gameplay and bringing the A&K M60 Support Weapon along... "Today I am using what I have dubbed my 61/60 load out the primary being my A&K Mk43 a variant of the M60 and on my hip is the VZ61 by KWA. I am also joined by some cool dudes Dickbutt Airsoft and Storm Airsoft.

In this round of play we attempt to deliver the bomb hidden somewhere in the middle of the field."

BB2K Airsoft: LCT M60 vs. A&K M60

BB2K Airsoft compares M60 AEGs in this video review made by LCT Airsoft and A&K? Which one wins? Watch the video to find out... "An M60 MG is areal cool gun. Two Airsoft manufacturers have thought the same and so the A&K M60 and M60 LCT already exist quite a while. Both are very different in the selling price! What other differences are there? I show you in this video."

LCT M60/M122/M2 Tripod At eHobby Asia

Got a heavy airsoft machine gun that needs a tripod? Here's one from LCT Airsoft and you can order it from eHobby Asia for US$700.00... "The LCT M60/M122/M2 Tripod is a U.S. machine gun tripod originally used with the Browning M1919 infantry machine gun. Since then, it has seen several redesigns, but remained largely the same. In this fashion, the M2 tripod has seen combat service in every conflict the U.S.

PolarStar M60 Series Fusion Engine Released

To save you of doing all that mod to fit in a PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine into the M60 AEGs, especially those made by A&K, PolarStar Airsoft announced this week that they have released a fusion engine just for the M60. As we have always said the PolarStar Fusion Engine can be utilised best with airsoft support weapons. We hope they release for the M249 too.

US Ordnance M60 E4 AEG Review

With the Tactical Rex had definitely eloped with Godzilla, Airsoft Atlanta gets to normal reviews and here the ASG US Ordnance M60 E4 Support Airsoft Weapon gets the heavy attention... "The fully licensed ASG US ORDNANCE M60E4 MK43 is an excellent example of the ability to step up and put together a great gun.

Fox Airsoft On LCT M60VN AEG

More on the Fox Airsoft Team's trip to Taiwan where they get to visit the office LCT Airsoft. In this latest video, Jarrod picks up the big LCT Airsoft M60VN that is said to be sold at a premium with high quality finishing. For the years 2013-2015, LCT will be producing only 200 pieces of this item so if you want to be one of the owners, better contact your retailer if they can get one for you.

Limited Edition LCT M60 at Gunfire

If you have a budget, and want to own one of the 500 pieces of this LCT Airsoft Limited Edition M60VN, better handover your budget to Gunfire as they have this stock... "The replica is one of the barely 500 ones of this model that were manufactured by the well-known LCT company as the limited collectors’ series. The replica is made of the materials of the highest quality. The whole construction seems to be a homogenous solid element.