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Unifeed EPM For KWA Gas Magazines

Unifeed Airsoft gives us a teaser video showing their Unifeed EPM Feed Clip to solve feeding problems with KWA gas magazines... "A teaser video of our Unifeed EPM, enhanced feed clips that minimise the occurrence of doublefeeding, jams and related issues in the KWA GBBR platform.

Fully compatible with the following GBBR magazines by PTS/KWA: PMAG, EPM and IWI magazines.

Stay tuned for more details!"

How To Fix CO2 Magazine Problem

If you are encountering problems with your CO2 Magazine of your pistol, here are solutions to fx them from Reapers Airsoft... "HiHo, because it can come again and again with GBBs to problems with CO2 magazines, here are two possible solutions if the problem is due to the valve or on a wobbly magazine. Especially with the KJW (KJ-Works) KP-13 GBB this seems to be the case." Quantum Mechanics Mag Pouches

In stock at are the Quantum Mechanics Locking Double Stack 9mm Mag Pouches... "Designed to provide the most secure magazine retention, the Quantum Mechanics locking magazines carrier greatly reduces accidental loss of magazines. Utilizing the magazine release cuts on standard Glock magazines, the QM locking magazine carrier locks the magazines into place, only allows removal when the locking paddles are fully depressed."

Empty AEG Mags Quickly & Safely

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez does tutorial videos now, starting with giving you tips on how to empty AEG magazines after a game...  Let's go easy on this "first" tutorial. Here's a fast and secure way of unloading your AEG and PTW magazines after the game. I do not take credit for inventing this, it has been made elsewhere by someone else ;-)."

PTS EPM & US Palm Mags Review

Infamous Airsoft reviews the EPM and US Palm magazines from PTS Syndicate to find out if they are in the list of best magazines in airsoft... "A complete review of 2 of the most interesting airsoft magazines on the market, the EPM for M4/M16 and the US Palm, both Mid-Cap of 150 rounds of the PTS Syndicate brand."

ASGI: G&G MBR 308 Mag Compatibility

The G&G TR16 MBR 308 is in stock at Airsoft GI and it has various features that would make it a good deal to have such as sound amplifier muzzle, G2 MOSFET, ergonomic crane stock, quick spring change system and more. Since it comes with a large 308-style magazine, what other magazines in the airsoft market can be used with it? Airsoft GI TV Uncut tries to find in this video.

Airsoft Action TV: Transporting Your RIF

Something for airsoft players in the UK to watch as Airsoft Action talks about transporting your airsoft RIF. This can be applicable to other countries... "In which Anvil and Gadge talk about transporting your airsoft replicas and equipment to and from games without falling foul of the law."

ASG Strike Systems ATS Cord-pull Mag

ASG posted a video on their Facebook page showing the ASG Strike Systems ATS Cord-pull Mag... "This aggressively styled polymer magazine from Strike Systems features a high-traction textured surface and holds up to 300 BBs.

Elite Force Glock CO2 Magazine Test

The Swamp Sniper checks out the magazine compatibility of the fully licensed Elite Force Glock airsoft pistol with the C02 magazine from WE Airsoft... "WILL IT WORK?  Testing out a WE C02 Magazine in the Elite Force GLOCK to see if it will work or break it.  WARNING:  This will VOID your warranty."

The BB Warrior: Midcap Mag Maintenance

More and more airsoft players are preferring to use Midcap magazines as compared to years ago when high capacity AEG magazines reign supreme. This is brought about by the rise of milsim events where the requirement is for mid capacity or some call as real capacity magazine, which can go to the lowcap ones. The BB Warrior gives you tips on how to maintain or repair Midcaps in this video.