Chinese Autogated NNVT vs Photonis Echo


Cold Harbour Media checks out the NNVT tubes made in China and how they stack up against what they are competing against... "On today's video Ryan compares NNVT tubes from China to our tried and true Photonis Echo intensifiers to see if these budget Chinese night vision tubes are worth the savings."

You can read more here and watch the episode below:

Setting Up Your Bump Helmet For Night Vision


Modern Warriors in their Tactical Tuesday series, shows you how to set up your Bump Helmet to mount a night vision device... "This week for Tactical Tuesday we share a few tips on how to set up your bump helmet for night vision use. We look over two different bump helmets and discuss how we have set them up to make night vision training more enjoyable and effective."

Armasight Helmet Kit For Team Wendy Helmet


Armasight demo their helmet kit to mount a night vision device to a Team Wendy Helmet. The Armasight PVS-14 Gen 3 Pinnacle Premium Kit, a highly sought-after product, is designed to enhance your mission success. This kit includes the Gen 3 Pinnacle Armasight PVS-14 Multi-Purpose NV Monocular, which offers superior performance and image quality compared to the Bravo model.

Duovox Ultra Digital Night Vision Monocular At SKW Airsoft


Latest product update from SKW Airsoft is the availability of the Duovox Ultra digital night vision monocular..."This has optical zoom and digital magnification for the true explorers of the great outdoors. The advanced 1080P FHD sensor captures every detail in real-time even in pitch darkness. The 4000mAh high-capacity battery provides up to 10 hours of non-stop use from day to night. All packed in your compact and lightweight night vision Duovox.

TacticalXmen PVS 14: A Poor Man's NVG?


Aquafresh tries the TacticalXmen PVS 14 if it is an affordable set of NVGs that airsoft players can use for night games. The TacticalXmen headmounted  PVS-14 monocular night vision device is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic gadget with a rectangular field of view for clear and distant viewing, even in complete darkness. It’s compatible with the J-arm interface, resistant to bumps and vibrations, and perfect for outdoor activities in various locations.

"Affordable" Night Vision For Civilians


How can civilians be able to have afford a night vision device since the good ones are not cheap. In this episode of Defrowe Airsoft, Nick Chen talks about how to setup one... "Night vision can be confusing to understand, especially when it comes to the different types of goggles available. In this video, we discuss the two types of night vision goggles available in the US, the military designations and the commercial goggles.

"Lasers & The Sun Will Break Your NODs"


Back to the discussion of NODs with Nick Chen in this episode of Defrowe Airsoft... "Have you ever heard of the dangers of using lasers with airsoft guns? In this video, we discuss the potential risks of using lasers with airsoft guns, especially Chinese ones, which can be very powerful. We also talk about how night vision goggles can be damaged by lasers, and how to protect them with a day filter or day cover.

Why You Need To Buy Night Vision


If you like doing some airsoft night operations, then owning a night vision equipment, as long as you have a budget, is highly recommended. Defrowe Airsoft talks about why you need one in this podcast episode... "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to an electrifying journey into the enigmatic world of night vision technology! Prepare to be captivated by the cutting-edge advancements that have revolutionized the way we experience nighttime gameplay.

"We Pointed A Laser Into Night Vision"


We don't recommend you doing this when the Night Vision device is being worn by person. Claw tests how bright lighting affects night vision devices up, as well as including lasers in the test. Also, beware of flashing lights in the video... "Night visions amplify light, right? But now, a question arises - if there’s too much light, will it overwhelm the device? Will there be any damage? What sort of? How quickly damage can appear?

Build Your Own PVS-14 MX-11769 NVG


This should be an interesting video if you can't afford  PVS-14, why not build one? Angry Asian Fabrication shows how... "If you're looking to enter the world of GEN3 night vision optics, the military grade PVS-14 night vision optic device (NODs) are a great choice. With over 20 years of GWOT service, this is a tried and true piece of night vision gear that's still in use today and has a great following and aftermarket.

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