Storm Riders Call Your Hits Episode 90


The Storm Riders are nearing the century mark as they now have online episode 90 of their "Call Your Hits" podcast series and they talk about airsoft buy and sell. This should be interesting... "In this episode, Pat and Phil talk about buying and selling airsoft gear, the dos and don'ts, and some tips and tricks!"

Airsoft GI The Dead Box Podcast Episode 12


It's a Q&A episode for The Dead Box Podcast series from Airsoft GI... "The trio is back for another episode of the Dead Box Podcast! In this episode Cisco, Boaz, and Kevin answer your questions! If you like this Q&A style, let us know in the comments! Make sure you follow us on all our social media pages to be the first to know about all airsoft news!"

Gun Gamers Podcast Episode #33


It's Airsoft Alfonse as special guest in episode 33 of the Gun Gamers podcast series... "The Gun Gamers podcast is back! Updates to the old format have left us with a cleaner, easier to watch live podcast that you can tune into and enjoy at your leisure. We'll be joined by interesting personalities from the community to answer questions, address current events in and outside of the community and of course shitpost."

Armory Podcast Episode 033: Speedsoft


It's about Speedsoft for episode 33 of the Armory Podcast series... "Paintball mask, bicycle courier clothing, gym shoes and the essential tapped hi-capa. That's what speedsoft is all about? Do we know what it is at all, or are we just keyboard warriors? Is there any speedsoft at in the country at all? Let's see."

Call Your Hits Episode 78


Storm Riders talk about modifying your gear to fit your airsoft needs in episode 78 of their "Call Your Hits" podcast series. Have you done more modifications or customisation so its personalised for you or do you prefer leaving your gear at its default configuration? Listen the episode.

NoFo Podcast Episode 71


The November Foxtrot NoFo Podcast series' episode 71 got Chris from CSW as special guest... "Welcome to November Foxtrot Episode 71 where this week we are joined by Chris Stutley from CSW - the UK distributer for Vortex Optics.

With their rather impressive VIP warranty and diverse product range, we are going to be chatting to Chris about all things optics!

Feel free to check out some of our previous content too!"

Airsoft GI The Deadbox Podcast Episode 10


The Airsoft GI crew talk about the shortages in airsoft in episode 10 of their The Deadbox Podcast series... "We are all experiencing the shortages in airsoft products. Cisco and Boaz are here to explain behind the scenes and help you understand what is going on. There are ways to help you build your dream airsoft gun if your first idea isn't working out! Let's dive in deeper in this episode of The Dead Box Podcast."

ASGI The Dead Box Podcast Episode 9


You have seen Myke Terry show his gear in Airsoft GI's "Tactical Gear Heads" series and now you get to listen more as he is a guest of Cisco in episode 9 of "The Dead Box" podcast series... "Volumes Vocalist Myke Terry joins us for "The Dead Box Podcast" We talk to him about how he got started in airsoft, life as a touring artist, and how he blends the two worlds together! Join us for this very interesting installment of The Dead Box Podcast!"

The Dead Box Podcast Ep. 8: Airsoft Fatigue


Feeling burnt out with the airsoft hobby? The Airsoft GI guys talk about airsoft fatigue in episode 8 of their "The Dead Box" podcast series... "We are back with another installment of The Dead Box Podcast! In this episode Boaz and Cisco talk about getting fatigue in airsoft. What to do when you start feeling burnt out with airsoft. With every hobby, sometime you can reach a plateau. Things become stale and you don't feel as invigorated as you once did.

O.G.O. Trench Talk Episode 10 Now On Spotify


Darkhorse sent us news that the One Grunts Opinion "Trench Talk" podcast has hit it's 10th episode with Rob Weiner of ATE Airsoft as special guest. We're also including Episode 9 here which is about Canadian airsoft for those who missed it... "Episode 10 has dropped and just in time to enjoy while you wait for that turkey to cook.

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