Zombie Hunter T-Shirt & Poster Combo Pack


Zombie hunters won't need to purchase these OPSGEAR items separately now... "Show the world that you are an OPSGEAR® Elite Zombie Hunter with this T-shirt and poster combo pack. This high quality shirt is silk-screened with stunning long lasting graphics is made from 6.1 ounce 100% pre-shrunk Ultra Cotton for ultimate comfort and durability.

ANA Visual Campaign 2011 Poster Update


An update to the ANA Visual Campaign 2011 as they have redesigned the May 2011 poster with something that will catch the attention of readers. They added colour and effects on the lovely ladies in the poster. But then, the purpose is to ensure that we all wear proper eye protection when playing airsoft.

OPSGEAR Tactical Poster 3-Pack


Now you can get all these posters made by OPSGEAR in a 3-pack package. No need to worry about making separate purchases, just a single click of a button and you'll have the Danger Calls, Infidel and Tip of the Poster in your shopping cart... "Pick up the 3-pack of these OPSGEAR exclusive 16x24 Inch posters! Each one represents the hard edge typical of the community OPSGEAR serves. Order the entire 3-pack and save big!

OPSGEAR "When Danger Calls" Poster


Something from OPSGEAR to hang in your room, your airsoft site, or retail store and a copy costs just a cent shy of 5 bucks. Laminate it before you hang this nice looking poster... "Around the globe when the alarm sounds and danger calls, there are a breed of warriors who run towards the danger, while others run away. Prepared both physically and mentally to do hard things, they stand as the civilized world's thin line of defense against the despot, the criminal and the extremist.

OPSGEAR Infidel Poster Pre-Sale


Looking for something like this?... "This OPSGEAR exclusive 16in x 24in poster commemorates all operators fighting to establish the principles of life and liberty throughout the world in opposition to extremists who label them "Infidels." The title intended as an insult has been proudly adopted by brave men and women in defiance to fanatics and their ideology of oppression and hate.

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