SOCOM Tactical: 5.11 Flex Pistol Magazine Pouch


SOCOM Tactical features in the 5.11 Flex Pistol Magazine Pouch in this product presentation... "The 5.11 Flex Double Pistol Magazine Pouch is made from double layered 500D nylon which makes its hard wearing and durable. On the back is the Flex-HT TPU coated webbing system, which is full compatible with molle and has quick pull tabs for speedy removal.

Incoming: Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Pouch From Laylax


Here is a sneak preview from Laylax on their upcoming  Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Pouch as sent in by Ryan... "For now, we have come out with our new Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Pouch. The Velcro quick draw flap that holds securely when needed, yet releases with a quick pull. It not only holds the grenade securely, it also prevents the pin from being jostled or loosened accidentally.

Choosing The Best Magazine Pouches


So which should be the best magazine pouch you can use? The Recon Brothers tackle this question based on a criteria they listed that they suggest you should consider... "'What magazine pouch is the best' is a question that's being asked a lot. The truth is that it depends on your personal preferences and what you do. So to give you a clear idea, we'll objectively compare the various different builds known today that are exist for carbines, rifles, SMGs and pistols.



One of the new releases from High Speed Gear is the Duty Mini MAC Taco for your comms... "Our Duty line of TACOs® functions the same as the originals, but feature sleeker fronts and hidden shock cord, which is woven internally. This pouch will hold most small handheld radios and issued personal communications devices.

WST Sub-Abdominal Pouch For Tactical Vest


WoSport announce their new Sub-Abdominal Pouch For Tactical Vest. Perhaps for those who prefer a shorter name, they would call this a Tactical Fanny Pack. Available in Black, OD, Tan, Grey, and CP, it is made mainly of Nylon and allows one to carry the bits and bobs with his/her tactical vest when an additional pouch is needed.

Airsoft Atlanta: MOLLE Pouch For HPA Tanks


Airsoft Atlanta got the The NcSTAR Tactical HPA Air Tank Pouch Molle Pouch for you to easily carry your HPA tank with your gear that is equipped with MOLLE loops... "The NcSTAR Tactical HPA Air Tank Pouch Molle Pack. Fits on all Molle webbing setups - back of vest and other packs, depending how you want to mount it. Can be used on a belt also. Fits ALL tanks we could think of:  13/3000, 48/3000, and the 90/4500 is a tight fit, but still works.

AR Bungee Mag Pouch To Fast Mag Pouch


The Recon Brothers show you how to Mod an AR Bungee Mag Pouch to a Fast Mag Pouch in this video... "In this video we'll be showing you a mod to make your AR bungee retained mag pouch into a fast mag pouch with tension. This modification might come in handy for your Military or Law Enforcement service or for Airsoft & Milsim usage."

Best Pouch For Baofeng Radio?


The BB Warrior presents some pouches that you can use for the Baofeng radio. Which one should you pick? He has a recommendation so watch the video below... "Today we'll be taking a look at a few popular options for holding the Baofeng series of radios, and discussing which option on the market I consider to be the best. For today's video we'll be taking a look at the following pouches: LBT/LBX 6015A, Condor MA9, and the MC Kydex 'Messenger.'"

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