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Gun Gamers: RWA At The SHOT Show 2019

We're back with Tim Selby of RWTV and Airsoft Amigos. He again shows the various offerings from RWA at the RedWolf Airsoft booth during the SHOT Show 2019 for the Gun Gamers... "Tim Selby talks about new stuff coming from RedWolf Airsoft for 2019."

12% Off GK Tactical, Prometheus & KJW

Another Weekly Sale at RedWolf Airsoft is now online. Customers can get 12% off their purchases of GK Tactical, Prometheus (Laylax brand), and KJ Works... "This week is GK Tactical, Prometheus (Laylax) & KJ Works, all products under these brands will get 12% OFF during the period!

Promotion starts now till Feb 17th, 2019. RedWolf Airsoft SHOT Show 2019

Next up in the series of SHOT Show 2019 by show Tim Selby of RWTV and Airsoft Amigos talk about the products from RedWolf Airsoft and RWA... "The distributor and manufacturer RWA (RedWolf Airsoft) showed some of their own licensed products.

The RWA B.A.D. GBBR will be released within some months. This use eg. the ZET system from Tokyo Marui. Later on they will also release an AEG model with the same external appearance.

RWTV: Goods Things From France

There are a lot fine things from France, and for RedWolf Airsoft TV, one of these is the Avatar Airsoft Grenade which is designed and produced in France... "We can always name a list of fancy stuff from France like wine, handbags, vodka, perfume, foie gras, and of course AVATAR.

Airsoft Surgeon 2019 IWA Special M712

Something for those going to look forward to for those who will be at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019. This custom gun will be on display at the RedWolf Airoft booth... "The Airsoft Surgeon 2019 IWA Special M712 is an iconic piece that is the brain child of the Airsoft Surgeon himself. The pistol is the modern re-imagining of the iconic classic pistol seen around the world, the M712.

12% Off Ares Airsoft At RedWolf Airsoft

Save more on your online orders at RedWolf Airsoft with their weekly sale. For this week it's 12% off Ares Airsoft products.... "The first week is ARES, all ARES products 12% OFF during the period! Promotion starts now till Feb 3rd, 2019. Simply make the purchase on the online store and you will see all the corresponding promotions added to your shopping cart when you checkout!"

GHK 551 Tactical GBBR At RedWolf Airsoft

The GHK SG 553 GBBR gets joined by the longer SG 551 Tactical GBBR that you can find right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "The SG 550 family is a gun manufactured by firearms maker Swiss Arms a former division of Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft. The SG 551 is a variant of the SG 550 with a shorter gas tube and different handguard.

Airsoft Surgeon Tuned Umarex G17 GBB

Something you might want to grab for Christmas, an Airsoft Surgeon-tuned licensed Umarex Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol with a Cerakote treatment. You can get one at RedWolf Airsoft... "The Glock pistol is one of the most widely used and easily recognized pistol. This particular one is patterned after their Gen 3 model.

RWTV: The Top 10 Guns of 2018

As we are nearing the end of 2018 the countdown begins as we greet the new year. In this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV, it is about the Top 10 airsoft guns which they think should be in any airsofter's list. Did your gun make it?... "We are proud to present you all with the Top 10 Guns of 2018!! Honorable Mention."

Click here to find the full list and links to RedWolf Airsoft.

RedWolf Airsoft Naughty Deals Promo

Find out what deals your can get from RedWolf Airsoft's Naughty or Nice Deals of Christmas. If you are now on the hunt for some airsoft holiday bargains then the promo is something that you want to learn more. It's now ongoing and will end on the 26th of September.