Begadi AK PBS-1 Suppressor Review


Sany Balkanac i Airsoft reviews the Begadi AK PBS-1 Suppressor. This has a 14mm CCW thread adapter for the 24mm CW thread for AK rifles. He installs this on his E&L Airsoft AK74N    which he says he acquired for aesthetic purposes. This suppressor for airsoft use can be ordered from Begadi in Germany.

DIY Quick Detach Airsoft Suppressor


3D Prints For Airsoft shows how to make a QD mock suppressor for airsoft using 3D Printing. The files are available to order and download.. "Hey, this is my take on a QD Airsoft suppressor. It is fully 3D printable and only requires 3 clicker pen springs to work."

BOLT Airsoft “DEVGRU” QD Suppressor Test


Maru Toy tries on the BOLT Airsoft “DEVGRU” QD Suppressor if it's a good attachment for AEGs... "Bolt Airsoft's DEVGRU QD Flash Hider & Silencer. I would like to hear and compare (shoot and compare) the effects of installing the MP7A1 electric gun.

QD type hider and suppressor that can be attached and detached with one touch.
I'm trying semi-auto and full-auto alternately with and without suppressor to see if there is a change in the firing sound.

Suppressors & Flash Hiders At AR15 Sport


Brazilian airsoft retailer, AR15 Sport, show the various suppressors and flash hiders available at their store... "Hello snipers! Are you up to give your Airsoft Rifle a new face? So check out today's video! Let's talk about Quickshot Suppressors and Flash Hiders that are easy to use and great value for money accessories!"

G&G SS-100 Mock Suppressor Available


The G&G SS-100 Mock Suppresspor which is useful as a barrel extension, is now available at G&G dealers... "Our crocodile-etched mock suppressor provides a unique look without needing any tools. Standard threading allows the SS-100 Mock Suppressor to be easily installed onto any 14mm CCW outer barrel. The heavy-duty Aluminum-alloy construction can be used as a custom addition to any replica or to conceal a longer inner barrel while giving your rifle an aggressive look.

Patrol Base: Airsoft Suppressors Explained


Learn more about the suppressors in airsoft in this video by Patrol Base... "The world of Suppressors or Silencers can be complicated, especially when it comes to airsoft. Some are purely aesthetic, some are clockwise threaded some aren't. Stu explains all so hopefully you can make the best choice when deciding on a new suppressor."

Adventure Airsoft: Airsoft Suppressors Work


Adventure Airsoft says that suppressors for airsoft use actually work, find out which ones do the job... "Airsoft has had suppressors for a long time but as it turns out not many are actual suppressors. This shorter vid is my experience with a budget suppressor from Nuprol called the Bocca or BOA.

It's well built, quick release, cheap and offers a decent noise reduction of 28%."

AMNB Quick Review: Airsoft Artisan 762ti Mock Suppressor


Quick review by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) of the replica of the SIG Sauer SRD762Ti-QD suppressor made by Airsoft Artisan... "Today, we have an airsoft replica up for a quick review which is from high interest for those of you rocking the SIG AIR BB Blasters such as the MCX and models to come from SIG AIR in the nearby future to get the perfect match! The Airsoft Artisan 762ti Mock Suppressor."

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