Behind The Scenes Look At SureFire Suppressors


A presentation by the Silencershop showing the some BTS footage about the suppressors from Surefire... "'A SENSE OF URGENCY AND A BIAS FOR ACTION.' That is the SureFire motto, and we put it to the test by going behind the scenes at SureFire’s headquarters. In our first ever documentary-style video, Silencer Shop gets the privilege of showing you never before seen footage of how a SureFire suppressor is made.

Airsoft vs. Suppressed .22 Pistol


A quick test showing which one emits more noise in this video made by Brett Koski... "Did this a long time ago on the uswg01 channel, but seem to have lost the video so why not shoot it again?  It may be hard to tell in the video, but the suppressed .22 pistol is actually quieter to the shooter. Crazy!

Red Army Airsoft Overview Of Suppressors From LCT Airsoft


Red Army Airsoft got some suppressors from LCT Airsoft that are of course based on Russian designs and Alexander gives his take on these in this video... "In this video, we will understand the difference between a silencer and a suppressor, why we need suppresors in airsoft and look at the new suppressors from LCT. Replica of DTK Nomad, DTK Putnik and PBS-4."

L.A.S. TM HC Shadow Javelin M-LOK Handguard Suppressor Set


Laylax are now taking pre-orders for the L.A.S. Tokyo Marui HC Shadow Javelin M-LOK Handguard Suppressor Set... "Transform your Steyr into a futuristic design while remaining lightweight and wieldy. The Shadow Long Suppressor (sold separately) is designed to fit perfectly within the MLOK handguard. The handguard supports up to 42mm diameter muzzle devices and suppressors for a wide variety of customization options.

Quickshot Helix Suppressor For Airsoft


A suppressor called Helix is presented here by Quickshot. Description is machine translated from Brazilian Portuguese... "Suppressor HELIX - Quickshot The suppressor for AEG Airsoft is made of aluminum and anodized, with left M14 thread. It is fully customizable and you can use parts from other Quickshot suppressor models. The suppressor is not functional, only aesthetic. The holes in the suppressor body do not change the AEG configuration, it is only aesthetic."

Slong Suppressor & Suppressor Adapter For GBB Pistols


Cley Films feature the 6-inch version fo the Slong Suppressor and Suppressor Adapter for Gas Blowback Pistols. The adapter is for -14mm thread and of course, the suppressor is a mock one rather than a functional one... "In this video we will unbox and install the SLONG Suppressor Adapter and a generic 6 inches Suppressor to my hicapa gas blowback airsoft pistol."

DIY Airsoft Carbon Fiber Suppressor


The Blind Sniper gives tips on how to build yoour own Carbon Fiber Suppressor for use in airsoft guns... "Here is another easy project for you; A carbon fiber, foam-filled suppressor for your airsoft gun! Its easier than you think and gives your suppressor/replica a sleek look!"

Making Your Airsoft Guns Extremely Quiet


The Crazy Tech got a tutorial in helping you create baffles for your mock suppressor and make your airsoft guns make less noise and become more stealthy in the field. You can download the files for 3D printing so you can make your own... "Today we will be having a look at how to install my 3D printed baffles into a suppressor."

How To Make Your Own Airsoft Suppressor


Backdraft Productions does a video showing how to make and paint an airsoft suppressor. Files are also included for you to download if you want to make one... "Today I show you how to test out an airsoft paint job on a homemade suppressor!

I wanted to put a suppressor on my airsoft gun, but they all cost so much that I decided to make my own! I realized that if I print multiple, I could test out some paint jobs before I put them on my gun."

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