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Mauser C96 & Tercel M1911A1 Gas Blowbacks

More newly stocked items at Get Reload, and this time two replicas of classic handguns that have a following among airsoft players. The first is the Mauser C96 Box Cannon which costs US$74.00 and the Tercel Colt M1911A1 Pistol that is priced at US$75.00. More specifications below for those interested in more affordable airsoft gas blowback pistols.

Tercel Mauser C96 "Box cannon" GBB

This item has been around at Airsoft Panda for sometime now, and is now making its way to other airsoft retailers. The Tercel Mauser C96/M712 gas blowback pistol is a cheaper version of the HFC one. But the pricing difference is not that much. This comes witha  25 round magazine, full metal and heavy blowback feeling. Yours for US$72.99. Just hope someone makes a woodstock for it.

Tercel Gas Blowback M1911 full metal

Looking for a cheaper M1911, check this Tercel M1911 GBB handgun from Gunner Airsoft which costs US$52.00.  Said to be fully-compatible with the Tokyo Marui version, you'll be able to slap in the TM magazines and blaze your guns away in a CQB game. Though the markings leave something to be desired... "Tercel Full metal M1911, With colt marking on the receiver. Full compatible with Tokyo Marui. Slide, Frame and Outer barrel are metal."

Tercel Japanese Type 89 with 3-round Burst Upgrade Version

Latest AEG to grace the shelves of, and comes with a metal body... "Tercel Japanese Type 89 with 3-rd burst upgrade ver., with metal body, rubberized furnitures and detachable bipod. Gearbox of safe, semi, 3-rd burst and full-auto firing capacity comes with battery and battery charger.This verson was upgraded the spring and motor, therefor higher power and fps." 

Tercel M500 Full-Metal 6mm Shotgun

Another ACM shotgun now in stock at, and this one's another name but has some nice furniture that you might be interested in, and this one's available for £79.99, quite a hefty price for an ACM airsoft shotgun. Will this kick butt?... "Tercel M500 full-metal gas powered 6mm shot gun comes with real wood handguard and stock. Both Elephant quality but with different brand name."