Thompson M1A1 & 1928A1 Gel Blasters


As more and more gel blasters being produced by repurposing airsoft tech to blast gel balls, X-Force Tactical got the Tommy gun gel blasters for those looking into some iconic period guns... "The Tommy gun is one of the most legendary guns due to it's historical and comics use.  We are proud to bring you the first of the gel ball version and check these awesome blasters out.

At X-Force Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you the coolest toy guns and gel blasters available."

Pheas Airsoft: CYMA CM.033 M1A1 Thompson


An affordable airsoft Thompson, the CYMA CM.033, gets an unboxing and overview video from Pheas Airsoft... "Today we have the final unboxing from our July Taiwan Gun orders, and this time we have the vintage CYMA CM.033 M1A1 Thompson!

Neo035: CYMA M1A1 Thompson AEG


These days we have more airsoft Thompson options rather than the Marui offering and CYMA has an affordable version. Available at most reputable airsoft retailers this AEG is a 1:1 scale repluca with simulated wood grain finish and adjustable rear sight. This comes with a 450-round high capacity magazine that is compatible with the Marui version. Neo035 takes a look at this AEG to find out if he can recommend this World War II reenactors and collectors.

Garand Thumb With Thompson M1A1 SMG


How will a 21st Century shooter handle a World War II icon? Garand Thumb takes the Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun through its paces at his favourite range and talks about it afterwards. Will it be different from how it was handled by soldiers of that war and other wars that it was used in or will it be the same? Watch the video.

Brain Exploder With Thompson M1A1 AEG


The Brain Exploder brings out the King Arms Thompson M1A1 AEG for some jungle gameplay... "What happens when you bring a WWII classic, airsoft Thompson M1A1, into the jungle; a little Vietnam and a little Sniper mix for a sneaky and high adrenaline action.

Mach Sakai: CYMA Thompson M1928 AEG


If a gas blowback Thompson is not for you, how about an AEG version? CYMA has one for years now and it is also an affordable one. This has a full metal upper, faux wood furniture, and ABS lower. It usually comes with a battery, charger, and two magazines. As always, Mach Sakai checks it for externals, operation, and performance in a quick steel challenge.

Hyperdouraku: WE Cybergun Thompson GBB


Hyperdouraku scrutinizes the Cybergun Thompson M1A1 Gas Blowback Rifle OEM by WE Airsoft. Released earlier this year, he finds it to be a faithfully reproduced with the areas that are supposed to be metal made of aluminium thought the areas that are supposed to be wood are made of faux wood though you can buy third party real wood for it.

Evike: WE Auto Ordnance M1A1 GBB


The WE Gas Blowback Thompson is now at which should make WWII airsofters happy as they have something to collect... "The WE-Tech M1A1 gas powered submachine gun is the most realistic Thompson on the market to date. From its metal receiver to heavy recoil, the WE-Tech M1A1 provides the player with the most realistic variant of the iconic SMG to sweep the field with.


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