Jeff The Kid: Woman & Firearms


Jeff the Kid finds women who can handle airsoft or firearms to be attractive. We think most airsoft players would agree. Watch him have a female guest go over the airsoft guns he has... "After I invited Pentia to come, I have received private messages from the audience. Let’s take a look at this video together with BCM MCMR!"

VFC MP5A4 AEG Review


Magic Knives checks out the VFC MP5A4 AEG for this video review... "New airsoft gun review on the VFC MP5A4 AEG, which will actually not be part of my collection, but will be used for the airsoft range where I work and we'll be adding a red dot sight to it for easier aiming."

Landing Zone HK: BCM Air MCMR GBB By VFC


A quick overview of the VFC BCM AIR MCMR Gas Blowback Rifle by Landzing Zone HK. This is an official licensed product that features an 11.5" Outer Barrel, Ambi Charging Handl, Steel Fire Control System, Guide Hop-Up System, Steel CNC Bolt, and a 30-BB Round Gas Magazine... "This segment brought to you by Landing Zone HK, introducing the latest product by VFC - BCMAIR MCMR GBB."

Should You Buy A VFC GBBR?


I Am Airsoft talks about the issues he has with a VFC Gas Blowback Rifle in this video... "Hi guys. This video wasn't endorsed or sponsored by VFC, I'm not affiliated with VFC in any way.

In this video I wanted to break down every issue I've had while using my VFC HK416 A5/ D GBBR's so that you know what kinds of issues you may possibly encounter when running these platforms."

Broken PSG1 Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle


DesertFox Airsoft features Tweeny from Cobra Airsoft Legion about his experience with the new VFC PSG-1 Gas Blowback Rifle which he paid US$1,500.00 for... "Tweeny from Cobra Airsoft Legion tells us about his  PSG-1 Gas Blow Back Sniper Rifle purchase. Along with his customer service experience with Redwolf Airsoft, after he found out the airsoft gun came broken."



Marck got his hands on the VFC BCM Air MCMR Gas Blowback Rifle and he says that it is the best VFC M4 to date. Find out why in this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "The VFC BCM MCMR GBBR is the latest M4 GBBR from VFC. Being the culmination of all their efforts over the years, this is the pinnacle of the VFC M4 GBBR Platform?"

Okisaba VFC BCM MCMR GBB Review


Rio Okisaba posed this video as they review the latest gas blowback rifle made by VFC, the BCM MCMR GBB. Under the BCM Air brand, this a fully licensed GBB rifle. It has a 30-round Gas Magazine, Guide Hop-Up System, Steel Fire Control System, Ambidextrous Charging Handle, and Steel CNC Bolt.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Umarex/VFC Walther PPQ-M2 GBB Pistol


Review by Timerzanov Airsoft the licensed Umarex Walther PPQ-M2    GBB Pistol made by VFC... "Hi all! Today I offer you the review of a fist gbb. This is the Walther PPQ-M2 from VFC for UMAREX. Discover the officially licensed Walther PPQ M2 handgun replica in its standard version, manufactured by VFC and distributed by Umarex.

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