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VFC VR16 RIS II GBBR 2017 Edition

SAT & Gaming Airsoft got information on the upcoming 2017 edition of the VFC VR16 RIS II GBBR... "FINALLY!! WORLD SCOOP receives the VFC's GBBR Version II version 2017. An awesome replica not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its technical specifications that are really excellent! If you want to remember please record VFCday on 8 October 2017."

Acetech AT2000 & VFC KAC Suppressor

Airsoft Mike got two products in just one package to review... "Possibly the best of both worlds! Thanks to ACETECH for sending me the all new AT2000 Predator Tracer Unit, combined with the VFC KAC M4 style Suppressor! Fits any standard 14mm ccw thread. This tacticool bit of kit totally blew me away with how bright it lights up the BBs! Join me as I unbox and showcase the Predator!"

RWTV: Umarex G28 AEG, Ultimate DMR?

Marck West gets his hands on the Umarex Heckler & Koch G28 AEG for this review and checks it out if is the ultimate DMR for airsoft. Do you agree or if you've got another airsoft DMR that you think is better than the G28 made by the Vega Force Company (VFC) for Umarex... "At long last Marck checks out the Umarex G28 AEG, is it really the ultimate DMR?

Gunfire: Avalon Leopard CQB Carbine

Gunfire got hold of a wild animal in the field and have made it available now at their store for you to order, the Avalon Leopard CQB Carbine by VFC... "We are pleased to introduce you the long awaited brand new replicas from VFC Avalon series: Leopard Carbines!

0'20 Mag: We Have The VFC Stinger!

Cesar of 0'20 Magazine got his hands on the VFC VR15 Stinger AEG for this quick video presentation. An SBR that is ideal for airsoft close combat battles, it has a full metal rail syste with the flash hider having a suppressor style. It also has a full metal body, ambidextrous sling mount and adjustable hop-up. This is front wired and since it is a very compact AEG the battery is located inside a PEQ box-style battery compartment.

Airsoftology: VFC HK45CT GBB Review

If the airsoft HK45 GBB Pistol is too large for your hands, you might want to consider the new VFC HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Gas Blowback Pistol. Fully licensed and faithtful to the external dimensions of the real deal HK45CT, the VFC comes with grip serrations and realistic coating. This has a polymer body with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail. Jonathan Higgs takes a look at this pistol in this Airsoftology review.

New Arrivals At Gunfire This Week

A big batch of deliveries at Gunfire this week. For the pyromad or looking for some grenades for airsoft use, they got new stock of TAGInn products. For Airsoft guns, they got VFC and you can get accessories for these from FAB Defense, Nuprol, and FMA. Also, as for gear, famous Polish company, Helikon-Tex, sent them a new batch of stocks to sell.


VFC FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol Review

The Swamp Sniper starts first with shooting a real FNX-45 before going into a review of the airsoft version made by Vega Force Company (VFC)... "Swamp Sniper reviewing my new Beast Sidearm, the VFC FNX 45 Tactical airsoft pistol. Using the Real Steel FN Herstal FNX 45 Tactical .45 ACP pistol I compare and review it with the airsoft version, the Cybergun VFC OEM Gas blowback FNX 45. This pistol costs just under $160 and is a perfect replica of the real one.

0'20 Magazine: VFC Avalon Gladius AEG

First appearing during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 last March, Vega Force Company (VFC) got a new member in their Avalon premium line of airsoft guns. The VFC Avalon Gladius is available in Black and Urban Gray, comes with a gun case, has ECS inside, and has an initial muzzle speed of 100m per second. 0'20 Magazine got their hands on one of the units for this quick video review:

ASGI Uncut: New VFC Avalons

The New Vega Force Company (VFC) Avalons have arrived at Airsoft GI. The Avalon series is a premium line of airsoft guns produced by the Taiwanese airsoft company. Find out what these are as this episode of Airsoft GI Uncut is an unboxing one. Will the Avalon Leopard be one of these new arrivals? Find out in the video.