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Airsoftology: Glock 19 & 17 Gen 4

The real airsoft Glocks are now in the market so no need worrying about getting an airsoft Glock pistol that does not have unlicensed markings, as long as they perform well. Jonathan Higgs goes over the Glock 19 and 17 Gen 4s made by VFC for Umarex in this Airsoftology review... "Official Airsoftology product review on the AIrsoft Glock 17 and 19 by Umarex."

Elite Force H&K VP9 Drop Test

We would love to see more airsoft companies show their customers how durable and reliable their products are by showing stress test videos. Elite Force does one with a drop test of the H&K VP9 Pistol (OEM VFC) to show how they take quality control seriously. Apart from that, we would like to see more after sales/customer support efforts from these companies. What do you think?

Airsoft Glocks Now At Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta announce that the fully licensed airsoft Glock pistols are now in stock and they are running out pretty quick... "GLOCKS ARE HERE. Very limited supply. Order online and it ships out today. Glock 19 already sold out. G17 green gas GBB still available. Or stop by and pick one up at our retail store. We've been waiting years for this moment!"

RWTV: VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun

The fully licensed VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun is now available. Said to be based on the Marui Gas Shotgun tech, Tim checks it out for this RedWolf Airsoft TV review... "VFC have been teasing this Shotgun for the longest time and Tim was finally able to get it in his hands, but is it as amazing as he hoped or will Tim be disappointed?"

WGC Shop: VFC VR16 Clearance Sale

Grab this VFC VR16 Tactical Eilte VSBR AEG from WGC Shop as the price went down to US$106.40 from its original retail price of US$266.00 in this clearance sale. Now that is more than 50% off the price and if you want a VFC VR16 SBR AEG, then this is your chance to get it cheap.

Red Army At IWA 2018: ASG, ICS & VFC

Three exhibitors at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 were covered by Red Army Airsoft in this video... "This is the continuation of my report from the IWA 2018 exhibition. In this video we will go to the stands of ASG, ICS and VFC. The ASG stand was one of the largest at this exhibition. In the center of the stand there was a new ICS carbine in the Hera Arms CQR licensed body kit. The arms from Hero Arms were also presented separately.

RWTV: One GBBR To Rule Them ALL?

Is this the one Gas Blowback Rifle to rule them all? The HK416A5 GBBR From Umarex that is made by VFC is reviewed by Marck in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode. This is a fully licensed GBB-R that has the RAL8000 colour, ambidextrious operations, slim-line buttstock, and the a redesigned ergononic pistol grip.

VFC HK416A5 GBB At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop got the sought after VFC HK416A5 Gas Blowback Rifle in RAL8000 colour in stock now... "Umarex / VFC HK416A5 GBB a close relative of the HK416, is licensed by the German arms maker, Heckler and Koch, real steel markings. It is a modified version of the American M4 carbine with many changes.

BB2K Airsoft: VFC/RWA SR-25 10th Anniv

More at the VFC booth for BB2K Airsoft during the IWA Outdoor Classics. Bruce checks out the 10th year commemorative SR-25 rifle of RWA made by VFC and others that were on display liket the M40a5 Silver Fox designed by the Airsoft Surgeon.. "VFC in cooperation with RWA (Airsoft Surgeon) showed us at the IWA 2018 the M40A5 Silver Fox Gas Sniper and the SR-25 GBBR 10th Anniversary IWA special. Both custom and not yet available.

Airsoftology: VFC New Products IWA 2018

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology is at the VFC booth during the IWA Outdoor Classic 2018. He begins with Tim and Marck of RWTV as they go over the VFC Virgo Series. This is a new approach by VFC, first introduced during the MOA Exhibition 2017 in Taiwan and it allows airsoft players to style their own AEGs by using the system.