Ultimate Guide To Creating Airsoft Videos


Budding airsoft YouTubers can watch this video from Prairie Dog Airsoft as he claims to have the ultimate guide for creating airsoft videos. This shows his setup for gameplay videos, including a list of action cameras and scopecams that he uses as well as accessories and pouches.

LCT "1st Shoot Your LCT Fever" 12 March Deadline


With the LCT Airsoft "1st Shoot Your LCT Fever" video contest deadline looming, you better hurry up and finish your entry if you intend on winning this contest as submission ends on the 12th of March... "We sincerely invite you to participate the '1st Shoot your LCT Fever', the luxurious bonus are waiting for you.

The deadline will be on March 12, please seize the time to submit your work.

OneTigris 5th Year Video Compilation Project


Grab any video camera that you can and come out with a cool greeting to OneTigris as they celebrate their 5th year in business and who knows? You might win a gift... "#1TGAroundtheWorld OneTigris is turning 5! Help us compile an anniversary video to spread the love, and for a chance to take home an exclusive t-shirt + patch gift set! Available worldwide! #OneTigris

To Enter:

Gun Gamers: Our Worst Video


Have fun watching this as the Gun Gamers present their worst video... "We're sorry, but not really because he had an inordinate amount of fun making this nonsense. Hopefully some other people find it as entertaining to watch as it was to make.

Thanks to Reventian for the fodder for a night of shenanigans! Check out his channel if you haven't!

Recording With Night Vision Tips


DesertFox Airsoft gives tips in the best and cheapest way possible to record the gameplay action with an NVG... "After using an assortment of Night Vision recording set ups since 2015.  I have finally found an Night Vision Goggle recording set up perfect for me; Gosky Big Type Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount makes recording through night vision easy and it doesn't cost a lot of money."

How To Make Airsoft Gameplay Videos


If you don't know by now how to make airsoft gameplay videos watching all these airsoft videos on YouTube, here is a video from Pain X to show you how... "In this part one of a two part series I dive into the camera aspect of making an airsoft gameplay video. If you have any questions please feel free to drop them in the comments below or on my Instagram page."

Does Recording Make Airsoft Less Fun?


Spartan117gw posed the question if recording gameplay makes airsoft less fun. It is good to record airsoft gameplay for different purposes such as improvement of play, catching those who cheat, and generally capture the awesome moment when you were in the heat of the action. There are also negative outcomes if video gets edited to put someone in a bad light. But what do you think?

MSK Team: Welcome To The Hostel


Tough CQB Action for The MSK Team as they to go up the stairs in an abandoned building in a "Welcome To The Hostel" game. Hamza in this video shows perhaps the first PolarStar airsoft gun in action on video in France as the U.S. based airsoft company continues to have its products purchased outsde of the US, especially the Fusion Engine Gearbox.

Tactical Blackcats Greatest Glory Entry


With G&G Armament's Greatest Glory 2013 Video Contest submissions ending tomorrow, the Tactical Blackcats finally upload their entry to beat the deadline... "Tactical Black Cats entry for the G&G Your Greatest Glory 2013 Video Contest. Thanks to G&G for organizing this event, and to Wild Trigger for shooting at 'The Wasteland' with the FV-432 APC."

AEX Boneyard Sale, New Items & Videos


A quick list of announcements from Airsoft Extreme as they prepare for this weekend for their Sta. Clara Store Boneyard Sale. They have more on the GoPro Hero3+ as they have the Silver Edition and accessories. More videos at the AEX YouTube channel too... "This Saturday, Santa Clara Bone Yard Sale: Closeouts, Defectives, Parts, Odds & Ends."

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