Hyperdouraku: Chiyoda Marksman Government Terminator Model


Another history lesson from Hyperdouraku as Yas goes over the Chiyoda Marksman Government Terminator Model airsoft pistol that was released in 1985... "The movie "Terminator" released in 1984 had a great influence on the toy gun industry.

The firearms used by Schwarzenegger's futuristic assassination robot, Terminator, quickly gained attention, and the AMT Hardballer with a laser site, which was particularly impressive in the play, became a coveted toy gun fan.

Western Arms AMT Terminator Hardballer with Laser


Ohh! The pistol that many want to collect! Well, in this review by Mach Sakai, he takes the Western Arms Terminator AMT Hardballer with Laser sight through its paces, checking the externals and operation. This has the 21 BB round R-TYPE Magazine and the Hardballer GBB Pistol itself is rare nowadays. The Terminator handgun is always a sight to behold with the laser sight used in the movie was made by Surefire.

Evike Custom P90 Terminator AEG


Better start practicing Arnie's accent as it comes to mind if you intend on procuring this  Evike Custom P90 Terminator AEG. Matt reviews this custom gun in this video... "This custom guns features fast refill of your box mag in less than 5 seconds with 1800 rounds of bb and never have to carry any spare magazines ever again. This is a popular setup which normally cost over $800 to build from Laylax parts.

Mafioso AMT Hardballer In "Gun In 60 Seconds"


The T-800's handgun in the original Terminator has an airsoft version, the AMT Hardballer from Mafioso Arms which was released a few years back. BB2K Airsoft reviewed it before and takes another quick look for his viewers in this "Gun In 60 Seconds" episode... "Gun in 60 seconds feat. Mafioso AMT Hardballer Long Slide Terminator Airsoft from 2016."

Mach Sakai: Marushin M1887 Terminator


Time to do some shotgun swirling with this Marushin M1887 Shotgun. Mach Sakai reviews this shotgun whch is based on the Winchester M1887 Shotgun that can be famously recalled from the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." This is a Maxi 8 Lever Action, Shell Ejecting Shotgun and comes with 5 shells that can hold around 1-3 8mm BBs. It doesn't have a rear sight, but still Mach Sakai finds it an impressive airsoft shotgun, especially with 8mm BBs to shoot with.

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