Patrol Base: CYMA X EMG CM.105 Platinum Daniel Defence M4A1


Stu talks about the CYMA X EMG CM.105 Platinum Daniel Defence M4A1 in this livestreamed episode of Patrol Base. This is licensed with EMG and has the new E-EDITION HIGH-SPEED configuration... "In this video, Stu sits down with the CM.105 Platinum Daniel Defence, Yes its finally here so come and ask your burning questions."

Kraken Airsoft: EMG Knights Armament Airsoft PDW M2 GBBR


The KAC PDW is back again and it's being sold as the EMG Knights Armament Airsoft PDW M2 Compact Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle. Kraken Airsoft takes a look at one to find out if it's the best beginner gas blowback rifle... "Today we checkout the best budget beginner airsoft gbbr platform! EMG sent over the M2 KAC pdw gbbr! This thing is super solid and realistic! Really enjoying it!"

EMG SAI Blu Compact GBB At Softair Zone


A look at the EMG SAI Blu Compact GBB Pistol that Softair Zone has available for their customers... "After a long time, we are again showing a video on the topic 'Our own backups'. In the past we have already shown videos here about backups that we or team members have.
Here the EGM SAI Blu Compact GBB in the Green Gas variant.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Krytac/EMG/Cybergun FN Herstal P90


Let's find out what Timerzanov Airsoft thinks about the Krytac/EMG/Cybergun FN Herstal P90 if it has something better to offer than the other P90 AEGs out there... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of the brand new P90 from Krytac in collaboration with EMG, CYBERGUN and FN HERSTAL. Starting from scratch, Krytac offers us here a quality replica with specifications not to be ignored. Good video to all !

0'20 Magazine: EMG/APS Barrett Fieldcraft Sniper Rifle


One of the reviews in 0'20 Magazine's issue no. 41 (English edition) covers the EMG/APS Barrett Fieldcraft Sniper Rifle... "There are two things every airsoft sniper looks at when choosing their next rifle: performance and aesthetics. As for the first, APS leaves us speechless with the Zero Trigger. And if we talk about aesthetics, thanks to EMG we can enjoy the licensed replica of the Barrett Fieldcraft in six different colour combinations, of which today we bring you two of the ones we liked the most.

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