Timerzanov Airsoft: S&T/EMG Browning M1919


Timerzanov Airsoft tries out the S&T/EMG Browning M1919 for those who love heavy weapons in airsoft. This AEG uses the A&K M249 gearbox as powerplant and is a fully CNC'd airsoft replica of the famous Browning M1919. It comes with a stamped steel 5000-BB round box magazine and is Lipo-ready.

EMG Noveske Space Invader Quickstart Guide


For this episode of Airsof Manuals by Airsoft Taiwan, it's a Quickstart Guide for the EMG Noveske Space Invader AEG... "Second of our Quickstart Guides. Today - EMG Noveske Space Invader. Programming fire modes on SDU 2.0 Mosfet, battery, magazines, and accessories compatibility. As always, you will find all the necessary information about it in less than three minutes."

L'Antre Du Dingo: EMG/Salient Arms International BLU


L'Antre Du Dingo checks out the EMG/Salient Arms International BLU gas blowback pistol. Fully licensed from SAI, this closely resembles the real deal pistol and it comes with an aluminium slide and barrel assembly, polymer frame, and interchangeable backstraps for the owner to adjust to comfort. It comes with full trades and 25 round gas magazine.

Hyperdouraku: Krytac EMG FN P90 AEG


Hyperdouraku gets to have first dibs in going over the Krytac EMG FN P90 AEG in Japan... "The electric gun FN P90 is a collaboration product of EMG (Evike Manufacture Group) in the United States and Airsoft brand KRYTAC of KRISS USA. Equipped with an electronic control unit, there is no trigger lock phenomenon with a micro-switched trigger.

EMG-SI Tactical Competition MWS Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle w/ Cerakote


This new and already in stock EMG Strike Industries Tactical Competition MWS System Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle w/ Cerakote is now available to order at Evike.com and it will eat up your Christmas shopping budget... "The EMG Strike Industries Tactical Competition Rifle series of gas blowback airsoft rifles is a combination of every one of Strike Industries' best aftermarket parts on top of the popular Tokyo Marui MWS system.

Airsoft Europe: KRYTAC P90 Airsoft AEG


A video from Airsoft Europe that features the new Krytac P90 AEG. Made in collaboration with EMG and licensed by Cybergun, this has full FN Hersal markings with its unique and engrave serial number. Compared to other P90 AEGs, it has two-stage trigger that when in full-auto mode, pulling the trigger back half way fires a shot in semi-auto whilst a full trigger pull fires gun in full-auto. It has a 8mm gearbox and an inline MOSFET.

Dytac EMG Noveske N4 MWS Kit Quick Demo


At the Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu channel, they do a quick test of the Dytac Noveske MWS Kit. This kit, fully licensed via EMG, is a conversion kit to make the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle take on the Noveske N4 rifle look. This kit is expected to be released by the end of this month.

King Arms EMG MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle


Two videos from King Arms showing the gas charging and bolt carrier of the EMG MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle. This is a fully licensed gas blowback and should be released soon in the USA via Evike.com which owns EMG. More choices now for gas blowback airsoft MK18.

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