EMG Archon TYPE B GBB Pistol At Destockage Games


A quick overview Archon TYPE B GBB Pistol made by AW Custom for EMG by Destockage Games... "Discover the Archon Type B Gas Blowback airsoft pistol designed by AW Custom and EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group). This black airsoft replica under license from Archon Firearms will be the ideal companion in op. Available in black or tan (cylinder head)."

Nonocat: Krytac EMG Barrett Rec7 SBR AEG


Our favourite Kiwi, Nonocat, is back with her latest video review covering the Krytac EMG Barrett Rec7 SBR AEG... "The newest addition to the Krytac line is the Barrett REC7 AEG, licensed by EMG International and Nonocat will taking us through a pretty straight forward review of this relatively simple (Another M4...) but amazing Electric Airsoft marker.

EMG Tactical Holster System Quick Look


A quick look video from Evike.com covering the EMG Tactical Holster System. This is comprised of EMG EMG .093 Kydex Holster Mounts and EMG .093 Kydex Holster that can accommodate 1911 GBB Pistols, Hi-Capa GBB Pistols, Archon Type B, Glock 17/19, SAI DS 2011, and the SIG Air M17/M18 GBB Pistols.

EMG TTI Combat Master HPA Upgrade


Luke Fosburg does an upgrade of the EMG TTI Combat Master GBB Pistol to use HPA... "I have had the chance to use this hi capa for some time and while it has required some upgrades and rebuilding it is a beast. HPA is the key to getting consistency out of this airsoft pistol. If you play speedQB or need a reliable straight shooter, this is a nice gun for sure."

EMG Archon Firearms Type B GBB Pistol Shot Test


Video from Cybergun showing them testing EMG Archon Firearms Type B GBB Pistol... "Are you ready to drill with the Archon? With a short trigger course and a lowered barrel thanks to AF-Speedlock technology, it's hard to miss your target with our new Archon Firearms Type B in black and FDE!"

Gunfire Instant Airsoft: EMG Archon Type B


A quick look at the EMG Archon Type B GBB Pistol that is available at Gunfire... "The Archon Type B pistol replica is the result of the collaboration between Archon Firearms and EMG. The presented airsoft replica is a top-shelf training model. When designing the Archon Type B pistol, the manufacturers used the experience gained with previous replicas of this type and fully utilized the potential of innovative technical solutions.

EMG Hudson H9 GBB Pistol At Bespoke Airsoft


The EMG Hudson H9 Gas Blowback Pistol, a fully licensed airsoft pistol from the recently bankrupted Hudson Manufacturing, is available at Bespoke Airsoft. This has a highly detailed CNC machined aluminium slide with the proper trademarks and accessory rails for mounting weapons accessories and combines everything great about a 1911 and a striker fire style pistol.

EMG BLU Compact GBB Pistol At Bespoke Airsoft


In Bespoke Airsoft's "Bringing It Home" episode 87, they feature the EMG BLU Compact GBB Pistol that is available at their store... "Designed, manufactured and marketed, entirely in house by Salient Arms, the SAI BLU is the first production handgun from SAI. Using feedback from real world users, Salient Arms developed the SAI BLU to fill the void between M&P ergonomics and Glock reliability.

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