Airsoft CamMan: Guy Brings Bow To Airsoft Game


Out of BBs? Better bring out the inner Rambo in you and use a bow to take out the OPFOR. Airsoft CamMan features a friend who brought a bow to an airsoft game and you might wonder of it is an Archery tag thingy. Just watch the video to find out... "My friend received a unique item to review and brought it to the game.AN AIRSOFT BOW! I was lucky enough to get my hands on it and have a few shots with it."

London Bus Battle Simulation


How will you secure a bus, especially the famous double decker London bus? Airsoft Camman got an airsoft footage of a battle simulation... "Working as a team to storm and secure a London Bus and defeat the enemy team back at their FOB in the battle simulation."

ICS PM2 Makarov Co2 Pistol Takedown


The Airsoft CamMan has an extra channel that he calls the "Camman Extra" and he shows a takedown of the ICS PM2 Makarov CO2 NBB Pistol for him to do some upgrade work... "I install the TNT Hop Unit, Barrel & Bucking into my ICS PM2 Makarov. Can this little Co2 NBB Airsoft Pistol compete with the likes of the MK23?"

Best Stealth Semi-Auto Airsoft Loadout


The Airsoft CamMan talks about his loadout and being stealthy with it... "When the trees and bushes are overgrown and thick is it easier to use a silent semi auto loadout to get your BBs though to the target?

So far, I've found the Wolverine MTW the best, stealthiest and most silent way to do it."

Action Army AAP-01 With Drum Magazine


The Airsoft CamMan got some good video with the Action Army AAP-01 and it looks an effective sidearm for CQB with a gas drum magazine... "This week I’m using a brand new Gas Blow Back Airsoft pistol that’s just come onto the market. The Action Army Company AAP-01 has semi automatic and crazy full auto functions.

G&G MP5 With PolarStar Jack HPA Engine


The Airsoft CamMan brings his old G&G MP5 AEG back into action by installing the PolarStar Airsoft Jack HPA Engine... "My old G&G MP5 has been gathering dust for a while now. So I decided to give it a new lease of life by installing a Polarstar Jack.

I am a total noob when it comes to installing HPA. This is the first ever HPA Airsoft install I have ever done, so installing the Polarstar Jack into my G&G MP5 was being done as trial and error."

Airsoft CamMan: Adidas Slav Gopnik Loadout


Check out this loadout of a Gopnik with the mandatory slav squat by the Airsoft CamMan... "My comrades at sent me over the Barcraft PDSK Raider Combat UBACS and G3 Pants. Perfect for that tactical Slav style loadout.

Copies of Crye G3s and the first Adidas style UBACS.

Every wannabe Gopniks dream come true."

Airsoft CamMan's Ghillie Suit Loadout


Airsoft CamMan shows his Ghillie Suit Loadout as an Airsoft Assault Sniper. He uses the KMCS or the Kicking Mustang Concealment System (KMCS) which of course is designed by airsoft YouTuber, Kicking Mustang... "All Ghillied Up with the KMCS Ghillie Suit combined with the HPA Wolverine MTW feels a little unfair."

Three Airsoft Reviews In One Video


Well, it's a rather quick video review done by the Airsoft CamMan as he covers three airsoft guns in over seven minutes. He goes over the Harsan/Farsan 0521 Double Barrel Boom Stick, an M4 Gas Blowback Rifle from WE Airsoft, and the Asia Electric Gun F17 GBB Pistol which by now everyone knows to be the unlicensed airsoft version of the SIG Sauer M17 MHS pistol.

Airsoft CamMan On Wolverine MTW


The Airsoft CamMan got his first HPA-powered airsoft taste with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW... "Ive always been a bit negative when it comes to using HPA in Airsoft assuming its only for Speedsoft and SpeedQB player, but my opinions have slowly been changed. Finally seeing the stealth capabilities first hand of HPA in Airsoft.

I looked to take a leap into the dark world of High Pressure Airsoft. That's when I found the Wolverine MTW."

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