Magaz: ICS CXP-MARS Komodo Limited Edition


Magaz says the ICS CXP MARS Komodo Limited Edition is a game changer. Find out why in this video... "In this gameplay video shot at Dagger Woods airsoft in Preston. I take the ICS CXP MARS Komodo Limited Edition out for it's first run. For some reason the gun came with a sub m90 spring so it was firing in the low 200 fps range. Not ideal, especially with my magazines still refusing to feed anything heavier than a 0.25 and the heavy crosswind that was present for the whole day."

Before Buying Your First Airsoft Vest Or Plate Carrier...


Magaz wants you to watch this video first before putting that vest or plate carrier into your shopping cart... "Before you go to Wish and buy that £15 crossdraw vest that is going to be an absolute hinderance to you and a total waste of money, take a look at this overview of the Viper VX buckle up utility rig. An option I think is the definitive new player rig on the market."

Airsoft XM8 Gun Prop From "Children of Men"


Magaz talks about his GSG X8 LPEG and this airsoft gun is used as the gun prop in the critically acclaimed movie "Children of Men" in 2006 starring Clive Owen and directed by Alfonso Cuaron... "Today we take a look at an airsoft XM8 "LPEG" that was used in the 2006 movie "Children of men" This has been in my collection since around 2007/8 and is definitely a piece of cinema and airsoft history."

5 Camo Patterns Every Airsoft Player Should Own


Probably there is one camo pattern in the list that every one is thinking of, but lets watch Magaz reveal the other four patterns that he says airsoft players should own... "At its core, airsoft is a fashion show. One of the most important parts of the game, is of course... Looking ally AF. With this list of camo patterns you too can look gucci on the field!"

Splitting Flying BBs With A Knife


Magaz attempts to answer the questions as he films at 1000 frames per second a BB flying through the air if it will be split by a blade.... "In this video I answer the age old question 'Can I split a bb with a knife?'

ICS BLE XMK "The Space Blaster"


ICS Captain Magaz goes over the ICS BLE XMK Gas Blowback Pistol, aka "The Space Blaster" and brings it to a game... "In this video we take a look at the latest from the ICS BLE family of pistols, the XMK or 'Mark Ten' a compact gas blow back pistol with a chunky futuristic compensator and aesthetic.

I'll take you through all of the features, chrono test, see how it performs on the range and in a cqb environment."

"Actual Reality" First Person Shooter


ICS Captain Magaz talks about an " "Actual reality" first person shooter that you can play... "Originally posted to MLG airsoft 28/3/20 - The MLG was an experiment, I will be slowly transferring all of the content from that channel over to here. If you haven't seen it yet, you might be in for a treat! If you have seen it already, hit that thumbs up and give it a re-watch anyway!

Magaz Reviews The VFC M&P C Pistol


ICS Captain, Magaz, takes a look at a non-ICS product, the VFC M&P C GBB Pistol which is usually sold under the Cybergun brand. This has a Polymer lower frame and a allow slide, it is fully licensed so you'll see the markings faithfully done by VFC... "In this video we take a look at the select fire M&P C from Vega Force Company, put it through it's paces and see how it handles."

ICS Airsoft BLE XFG Review & Accuracy Test


ICS Captain, Magaz, reviews the BLE XFG Fas Blowback from ICS Airsoft in this video... "In this review video we take a look at the ICS BLE XFG pistol, get up close and personal with the features and details then put it through it's paces on the range and in the field. Is it a pistol I'd recommend? You'll have to watch the video to find out."



ICS Captain, or the ICS Brand Ambassador, Magaz, talks about the soon to be released ICS-ASG Hera Arms CQR AEG... "In this brief overview video we take a quick look at the ICS and ASG HERA Arms CQR live at Alpha 55, for the Equal airsoft Operation Jawbreaker event.

You can pre order a HERA for yourself at your local authorised ASG/ICS Retailer!"

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