AMNB Overview: OneTigris AFPC Spotlight (Home Edition)


Aryan got this overview of the OneTigris AFPC from the comforts of his home for the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "The OneTigris Griffin AFPC (Air Fast Plate Carrier) Airsoft Vest in Multicam is a OneTigris signature vest that offers quick-release functionality, breathability, and adaptability with other third party chest rigs. Made from 500D Cordura Nylon construction.

OneTigris Watertight 45L Hard Shell Case Presentation


Shade Airsoft presents the OneTigris Watertight Hard Shell Case if it is the ultimate hardcase for airsoft guns... "The perfect hard case? Price 250 $ (45L version) It's here. thank you oneTigris! You can buy it here (for the correct price based on liters you have to select the 45L version if you are interested in purchasing this one in particular!)."

OneTigris Vulture Chest Rig Review


BlackWater Softair finds the OneTigris Vulture Chest Rig as the best airsoft chest rig in the market. A compact but equipped with enough pouches to carry your magazines and other essential stuff, it has quick release buckles, YKK zippers, and uses the X harness for easy removal after a game.

OneTigris T-Rex Tactical Asssault Pack


Ready to go with your vest, the OneTigris T-Rex Tactical Asssault Pack adds more storage room for your essential gear... "A patrol/trekking flat-pack designed for attachment to plate carriers and chest rigs, or used simply as a small daypack for daily commutes. Featuring MOLLE compatibility and hydration bladder compatibility, it's compact but ruggedly built for missions in multiple landscapes.

OneTigris Integrated Tactical Helmet F22


OneTigris got their own integrated helmet and face mask system in the form of the OneTigris MANIA Tactical Integrated F22 Helmet with Removable Facial Protection... "Get a helmet that’s designed specifically for airsoft, with anti-fog treated lens to offer full facial protection when you’re on the field. Adjustable for different players, breathable and easy to wear/remove. Get maximum protection when playing airsoft and win the games.


OneTigris VULTURE Chest Rig


Looking for another Chest Rig which is more generous with storage spaces? Check out the Vulture Chest Rig from OneTigris... "A lightweight, highly functional and efficient piece of kit, featuring four 5.56/7.62 mag pouches, a front pouch with multiple pockets and a clamshell design for quick access, and a cross-shoulder-strap structure for gearing up in no time.

OneTigris Griffin Review By Callsign: Reach


A video review of the OneTigris Griffin plate carrier done by Callsign: Reach... "The Griffin Air Fast Plate Carrier (AFPC) is an airsoft vest with modularity sewn into every stitch! I would have traded for grandma’s love sewn into every stitch, but tactical adaptability is good too, I guess.

It blocks BBs, it transforms into different shapes and sizes, and it might even help you become prom queen. Not to mention that it’s MULTICAM, which immediately makes you better at playing airsoft.

OneTigris 5th Year Video Compilation Project


Grab any video camera that you can and come out with a cool greeting to OneTigris as they celebrate their 5th year in business and who knows? You might win a gift... "#1TGAroundtheWorld OneTigris is turning 5! Help us compile an anniversary video to spread the love, and for a chance to take home an exclusive t-shirt + patch gift set! Available worldwide! #OneTigris

To Enter:

OneTigris Foxtrot Alpha First Aid Bags


OneTigris offers 2 sizes for their Foxtrot Alpha First Aid Bags... "An affordable, lightweight, double-zippered medical pouch that can be ripped open in emergencies for quick and full access to med items, ideal for military fans who need rapid access to medical gear, this med supplies pouch is designed for optimal organization and carrying convenience.

OneTigris Storm Mask Review


Storm shows his official mask made by OneTigris. The STORM Foldable Mesh Mask is made of steel mesh, nylon fabric and PVC for the patch and is in black colour and what looks like to a shark teeth print. Now, if it can in various prints to give players more options, the better.

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