Garand Thumb With The M240B


As with the firearms videos by Garand Thumb, he puts the M240B support weapon through the paces that you might want to watch to learn a thing or two about handling it given that it also has an airsoft version... "In today’s video we put the legendary M240B through a series of intensive tests and teach you vital techniques. Hope you enjoy."

Israeli Vets Explain Urban Warfare


Garand Thumb got special guests who are veterans of the IDF, one of the most battle hardened forces in the world. They explain what soldiers will be doing these days --- more close quarter battles given that there are more urban locations to conduct warfare, drone warfare, and the insurgencies.

Garand Thumb: How Many Rounds Will A 400 Dollar AR-15 Last?


A torture test of a real steel AR-15 that is cheaper than a lot of of airsoft guns by Garand Thumb... "Join us as we put a $400 rifle to the ultimate test in this intense shooting video. We'll push this budget-friendly firearm to its limits until it begins to show signs of wear and tear. Can a cheap rifle stand up to the challenge, or will it fail to meet expectations? Tune in to find out!"

Garand Thumb With France's Iconic Service Rifle


The FAMAS remains to be identified with the French military even if the HK416F has been adapted. Garand Thumb checks out the rifle which remains to be one of the better known bullpup rifles apart with the Steyr AUG... "Join us in this exciting video as we take an in-depth look at France's iconic service rifle, the FAMAS. We'll test its capabilities and discuss its history, design, and performance. Don't miss out on this comprehensive exploration of one of the most famous rifles in military history!"

Garand Thumb Interviews Combat Vets From Ukraine


The Russo-Ukrainian War opened our eyes wide on cheap and affordable drones being effective tools, being game changers and even as levelers and how they survived combat. Who else can explain this but those who have been there in the frontlines. Garand Thumb got to sit down with combat veterans from the war... "In today's video 2 Veterans of the Ukraine War share their valuable first hand experience of the war.

The Freezing Shotgun Test


Garand Thumb tests shotguns to find out which shotgun works best even if frozen. Just like any other firearm, and most especially in airsoft, weather conditions can also affect the performance of shotguns so watch and find out which of the shotguns is the most reliable.

Is The Palmetto State Armory JAKL Combat Ready?


Garand Thumb and crew test the Palmetto State Armory JAKL in this episode... "Today we review the Palmetto State Armory JAKL. We've had this rifle for a long time and have taken our time really putting in the rounds and training with it. Stay tuned as we delve into this new and inexpensive option to the piston operated world."

Garand Thumb: The United Kingdom's L85A1


Garand Thumb tries the L85A1, the standard issue for the United Kingdom's military. The British Army’s L85A1, a contentious bullpup rifle, uses the NATO standard 5.56mm ammunition. Despite its initial reliability problems, it is highly accurate and versatile, featuring under-barrel grenade launchers. Even after its upgrade to the A2 standard, its reputation is still divided due to its early difficulties in severe conditions.

There are airsoft versions of this rifle available in the market.

Garand Thumb: The Russian AN-94


Garand Thumb gets to try a rare military rifle, the Russian AN-94. The AN-94, a unique Russian assault rifle designed in 1994, was intended to replace the AK-74 but its complexity and cost kept it a niche weapon. Its claim to fame is a two-round burst firing at an impressive 1800 rounds per minute, achieved by a recoil-dampening system that delays felt recoil for the first two shots, improving accuracy in tough situations. 

Garand Thumb: The Most Bizarre Sniper Rifle Ever Made


Garand Thumb on one of the familiar sniper rifles to gamers and airsoft players, the Steyr Scout... "The Steyr Scout is one of the most iconic and bizarrely designed rifles made in my opinion. Centered around the scout rifle concept pioneered by the legendary Jeff Cooper. The Steyr Scout has become an iconic off shoot in rifle setup that we'll discuss today. Enjoy."

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