Secutor Rapax M6 & M7 In Bringing It Home Ep. 112


Bespoke Airsoft feature the Rapax M6 and M7 AEGs in episode 12 of the "Bringing It Home" series. Both AEGs are based on the Ares SR25 platform... "The latest DMR in the Rapax lineup. The M6 and  M7 models are the latest design with great features and the go to DMR for those not wanting to spend a fortune. This DMR is ready to go out of the box with great features and styling. The same great Rapax with a fresh new look and new P-Mag style magazines!"

DTW Airsoft On The Secutor Invicta Velites Shotgun


DTW Airsoft tries the gas powered Invicta Velites airsoft shotgun from Secutor Arms... "this time im taking a look at the Secutor Invicta Velites G-V. This is a full metal and green gas powered airsoft shotgun that not only feels solid in the hand but also has the ability to change it from a tri shot to six shot with a the flick of a switch. Also it sounds great when you cock it back each time."

0'20 Magazine: Secutor Arms ASTRA


In their latest issue, 0'20 Magazine review the ASTRA series from Secutor Arms... "Through hardships to the stars” is the meaning of the Latin marking of these new Secutor replicas, the ASTRA family that at the time of its launch is made up of three models: Astra III, Astra IV and Astra XI.

Secutor Arms RAPAX M6 & M7 Pre-Order


SKW Airsoft sent in news that they are now taking pre-orders of the Limited Edition Secutor Arms RAPAX M6 & M7 AEGs... "The pre-orders for RAPAX M6 & M7 are open. We remind all our customers that this product is in limited edition.

The new policy of the brand SECUTOR is to produce in limited quantity and to care the quality of the product like RAPAX and not to commercialize these ranges again.


Secutor Arms Rudis VII Magna Custom Review


ScarFab94 goes over the Secutor Arms Rudis VII Magna Custom Gas Blowback Pistol. This is CO2-powered and comes with high sights with a base to mount a RMR... "Introducing the Rudis VII Magna Custom from Secutor Arms & KJ Works. Thanks to Begadi for sending this Airsoft Replica."

L'antre Du Dingo With The Secutor Arms Corvus


L'antre Du Dingo gets his hands on the new Secutor Arms Corvus which is a stabilizer kit for pistols. This is designed by Recover Tactical and comes bundled with the Secutor Arms Magna Gas Blowback Pistol, taking out the headache of buying the pistol separately. This is available in tan and black colours.

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