WE Airsoft Galaxy vs Action Army AAP-01


The Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol took the airsoft world by storm as it has become of the highly customisable gas blowback pistol in the market. WE Airsoft followed suit with the release of their Galaxy G Series to get into this nice that the AAP-01 found. Toronto Airsoft does a comparison of these two gas blowback pistols to help you make an informed decision when purchasing either of these (or both if you have the budget).

Toronto Airsoft On Hand Pro


It's all about protection, the airsoft kind, that Toronto Airsoft discusses in this video. Whilst the priority protective gear are mainly head, eye and face protection, the hands are actually very important so gloves are a must. They talk about gloves, which if you want to call it, Hand pro, so watch and learn.

Starter Pack For CAD$600 At Toronto Airsoft


If you are staring out in airsoft in Canada and limited to CAD$600, Toronto Airsoft got a starter pack available for you. This gets you fully equipped with an airsoft gun, magazines, battery, charger, face protection and chest rig. Check the video below what these airsoft guns and gear are before you go and hit the buy button.

What Happens When You Run 100 Yards Before A Shooting Challenge?


Probably the first thing you'll need to do is catch your breath before steadying yourself and your airsoft gun before firing. The question is how fast and accurate you will be. This 10-minue video from Toronto Airsoft shows what happens and this is done with a compact AEG in the form of the LCT Airsoft ZP19 AEG.

"Which Optic Riser Height Is Right For You?"


The answer is always the product that that will allow for comfortable and quick target acquisition especially when you're wearing full face masks. Toronto Airsoft will talk about optic rises on this video to help you determine which is right for you. You can opt for branded ones or replicas, as long as they meet the criteria.

Classic Army SR40 BASR At Toronto Airsoft


Previously, Classic Army produced  a good performing bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, the Classic Army M24. Will the Classic Army SR40 BASR available at Toronto Airsoft be as good as the M24? This features a textured polymer chassis with adjustable cheek rest. A 20mm accessory rail on top is for mounting of optics, comes with  a 25-BB round magazineaand has front and rear sling swivels.

5 minutes With The Steel Slide GHK Glock 17


Ray went to the range for some quality minutes with the GHK Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol in this Toronto Airsoft video. Fully licensed, this is a sought after airsoft pistol given that is the most realistic G17 airsoft pistol in the market as it matches the operations and features of the real deal.

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