Airsoftjunkiez Expert Polarstar F2 SpeedSoft Build


Airsoftjunkiez prides itself in building HPA airsoft guns for speedsofters. In this video they posted in June, they feature their Expert Speedsoft builds for those who need more speed in an adrenalin-packed competitive airsoft discipline... "New Airsoftjunkiez Expert Polarstar F2 Speed Soft build with AirTac Gen 3 upper and Monk Aluminum ESG grip."

Datushka With PolarStar Airsoft F2 After 2 Years


Datushka Airsoft gives his feedback after playing with the PolarStar Airsoft F2 HPA engine for 2 years in Kazakhstan... "I have been playing with PolartStar F2 for 2 years now. 0 breakdowns. Pure pleasure. I share my feedback on the system and the arguments for you to buy the same one for yourself.

PolarStar Airsoft F2 Installation On Umarex/VFC MP5


PolarStar Airsoft shows you how to install the F2 HPA engine into the Umarex/VFC MP5 in this video... "Here we cover the basic procedure for installing one of our cylinder conversion kits into the Umarex MP5 series OEM by VFC. This installation does not cover the original VFC MP5 (3rd burst) and only applies to the VFC MP5 series that uses the V2 Avalon gearbox.  

PolarStar Airsoft F2 Offset On Real Sword SVD


Augh! We cringe on a surgery done on a Real Sword SVD which is a rarity nowadays, as a PolaStar Airsoft F2 Offset is dropped in by L'Antre du Dingo. Nothing wrong with what he has done, except that the Real Sword SVD is something that others want to collect as is due to its good build... "I bought Real Sword's SVD as soon as it was released. However I never really used it, I was a bit disappointed in it's long range capability despite the large cylinder.

Airsoftjunkiez PStar F2 Custom M249


Available to order at their online store is the Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar F2 Custom M249 MK2. This custom HPA-powered M249 airsoft support weapon is based on the Classic Army and has a customised nozzle, muzzle velocity of 315-490fps on 0.20g BBs, and has an ROF of 18-55 BBs per second. This includes a 120mm barrel extension, the 2500-round box mag, and a 7.4v Lipo battery for the FCU.

Dytac Warlord With PolarStar F2


Airsoftjunkiez show their HPA powered Dytac Warlord airsoft rifle that uses the PolarStar Airsoft F2 HPA Engine... "Having fun with the new Dytac Warlord with the @polarstarairsoft F2 throwing lasers so bright that you need shades. With High Power Airsoft .30 tracers lighting up the night. Check it out!"

KRISS Vector With PStar F2 Stress Test


Airsoftjunkiez were able to customise a Krytac KRISS Vector to run on HPA power. What they did is put in the PolarStar Airsoft F2 Engine, which is a mini Fusion Engine that can fit the non regular or standard gearboxes and provide the same functions as the Fusion Engine. In this video they stress test the custom KRISS Vector.

Amped Product Spotlight: PolarStar F2


The PolarStar Airsoft F2 HPA engine is finally available at Amped Airsoft... "The wait is finally over! The first shipment of PolarStar F2 systems have officially arrived here at Amped Airsoft. Join Wes as he gives a quick rundown and his first impressions of the system after installing one of these bad boys into a shop gun to give it a quick spin."

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