Pewpew Paladin: Umarex Legends Lever Action Cowboy Rifle


Let's find out what Pewpew Paladin thinks about the Umarex Legends Lever Action Cowboy Rifle if it is practical to use in the field or it is good for plinking and doing some cowboy Cosplay... "The Umarex Legends lever action cowboy rifle is a testament to the quality of the Legends range.

Walther PPQ GBB Airsoft Pistol for Training


Official video from Umarex recommending their Walther PPQ Gas Blowback Pistol for training... "This GBB airsoft pistol is a great training aid as well as a lot of fun. The Walther PPQ green gas airsoft pistol from Elite Force and Umarex fits in your existing holster for your centerfire version and allows you to practice drills for a fraction of the cost of shooting centerfire ammunition.

Hitman On The Umarex Glock 45 GBB Pistol


Hitman takes a look at the Umarex Glock 45 gas Blowback Pistol if it is to his taste. Fully licensed from Glock, it has a metal slide with adjustable hop-up and ambidextrous magazine catch. It also comes with an under rail for mounting weapons accessories as well as the  trigger safety... "We briefly tell about the novelty Glock 45 from the company Umarex You can order this gun on our website."

L'antre Du Dingo's Umarex/VFC PSG1 GBBR Review


What does the leading French airsoft reviewer, L'antre Du Dingo, has to say about the Umarex/VFC PSG-1 Gas Blowback Rifle? Probably lots, since the video is over 30 minutes. The Umarex/VFC PSG-1 GBBR is the first gas blowback version of the PSG-1 rifle made by Heckler & Koch, following over a decade of introduction of the first PSG-1 AEG from Tokyo Marui which became one of the favourite electric airsoft sniper rifles during the naughts of this century.

Gunfire: Arrivals From A&K, DYE, Prometheus & More


Get those fingers busy clicking the mouse this weekend if they are not pulling any airsoft trigger as Gunfire got loads of new arrivals and product restock. For airsoft guns, they got the deliveries from A&K, Modify-Tech, and Umarex. For gear, upgrades and gun paints, they got more for you as they have arrivals from Prometheus, FOSCO and Dye Precision. Check them out below:

Umarex PSG1 GBBR With Hensoldt Scope & Garbini Tripod


From the unboxing video fo the new Umarex PSG1 Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC, BB2K Airsoft does a comprehensive review of the GBBR that comes equipped with the Hensoldt ZF 6x42 PSG1 Scope and Garbini PSG1 Tripod. Also included here is a disassembly of the gas blowback... "Developed in the 1980s, the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is one of the most iconic sniper rifles in the world with a reputation for unsurpassed accuracy and quality.

Sig Air MCX Virtus vs Umarex HK416C AEGs


This is an interesting comparison of two compact AEGs available in the market that are from two of the most well-known firearms companies. 22QB compares the SIG Air ProForce MCX Virtus and the Umarex HK416C AEG. The OEM for both AEGs is VFC so we assume that internally they are the same and that the differences will be in handling and ergonomics.

Airsoft Taiwan: Umarex/VFC H&K PSG-1 GBBR Overview


The first gas blowback version of the H&K PSG-1 made by VFC under licence from Umarex is now at Airsoft Taiwan... "This has a stamped steel receiver, easy Hop-Up adjustment, new design & reinforced PSG-1 Bolt Set, and real wood pistol grip. It can be dry-fired and gives a heavy recoil experience. It comes with a carry case when ordered.

BB2K Airsoft: Umarex VFC H&K PSG-1 GBBR


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft looks happy as he unboxes the latest from Umarex/VFC, the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Gas Blowback Rifle... "The wait is finally over. Today I make a unboxing with you of the new VFC Umarex H&K PSG-1 GBBR. The original Precision Sniper Rifle 1 is a self-loading sniper rifle from the German manufacturer Heckler & Koch.

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