Golgy With The Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5 French Edition


Golgy, A Sunday Gamer, checks out the fully licensed Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5 GBB Pistol French Edition, usually available in France and French territories but can also be available at some retailers outside of these locations. The Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5 French Edition is a 2023 release modeled after the French military pistol.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Umarex Beretta PMX GBBR


The licensed Umarex Beretta PMX GBBR gets reviewed by Timerzanov Airsoft. This should be available at most reputable airsoft retailers worldwide... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of the very latest GBBR offered by KWA in collaboration with Umarex! I named the Beretta PMX in its airsoft version! A rather qualitative GBBR replica both in terms of performance and external sound. A GBBR which will change the classics MP7, MP9 and so on. It will be perfect for CQB play.

Golgy Reviews The KWA/Umarex Beretta PMX GBB


The fully licensed Umarex Beretta PMX GBB made by KWA, is reviewed and tested by Golgy, A Sunday Gamer. The Beretta PMX is a lightweight and compact airsoft submachine gun designed for close-quarters combat. Made from durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer, it features realistic blowback, adjustable hop-up, ambidextrous controls, and a quad rail system for customization, making it ideal for CQB scenarios.

0'20 Magazine With The Umarex Beretta PMX GBB


Javier of 0'20 Magazine goes over the features of the licensed Umarex Beretta PMX GBB. The Beretta PMX, designed for close quarter operations, is a lightweight, compact submachine gun with universal accessory compatibility, making it a favorite among professional firearm operators worldwide. As a gas-operated airsoft gun, it excels in scenarios like house combat, thanks to its robust, low-weight body made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer.

Umarex Licensed G36 AEG Disassembly


A look inside the G36 AEG from Umarex in this takedown video by The Gear Locker... "This evike exclusive costs a pretty penny. However, you can sometimes find much better deals on it. This review will hopefully give you a good taste of what you're getting into as well as how to do some basic things with this replica.

I've been using and working on g36 AEGs for over a decade. This thing was impressive, but not perfect. See why here!"

BB2K Airsoft's VFC/Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 FR GBB Unboxing


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft gets to unpack the VFC/Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 FR GBB pistol, the FR edition being the French edition... "Today I'm unboxing the new VFC Glock 17 Gen5 FR "French Army" PSA with you. The original was introduced to the Armée de Terre in 2022. The airsoft version from Umarex comes in an original Glock case and backstraps."

Gae Bong Soon: Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 Co2


Gae Bong Soon tries airsoft revolvers, starting with the Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 Co2 and shares what she thinks about it. The Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 revolver is a realistic airsoft gun with a metal body, adjustable hop-up, and easy-to-reload shells for competitive skirmishes.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Umarex/VFC Glock 17 Gen 5 French Edition


Timerzanov Airsoft reviews the Umarex/VFC Glock 17 Gen 5 French Edition, a fully licensed GBB pistol apart from the Cybergun offering... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the presentation of the Glock 17 Gen 5 French Edition from Umarex manufactured by VFC under Glock license. A GBB replica inspired by the Glock 17 PSA of the French army.

Another version after the Cybergun model? But what is it worth? This is what I invite you to discover in this review. Enjoy the video!

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