Viper Tech Colt 727 GBB Snow Test


CatgutViolin does a very quick test of the Viper Tech Colt 727 Gas Blowback Rifle in the snow if it is possible to skirmish with it given the issues with gas blowbacks in cold weather conditions... "Viper Tech (or Vipertech) airsoft rendition of a Colt 727, using a VT soft hammer spring and WA buffer spring. The magazine is a GHK stanag, filled with propane. The whole gun was left in the snow for an hour before testing."

Explosive Enterprises With The Viper Tech Colt M733 GBBR


Something for those who want a heavy kicking Colt M16A2 Commando/733 Gas Blowback Rifle can check the Viper Tech Colt M733 Gas Blowback Rifle which claims to have Inokatsu quality. Explosive Enterprises got one for this comprehensive review... "An in-depth review of the Viper Tech (or Vipertech, depending on where you look) gas blowback airsoft replica of the Colt M733, also known as the Colt M16A2 Commando, and more generally the Viper Tech product lineup.

Viper Tech SOPMOD M4 BSP CO2 Review


Hyperdouraku reviews the Viper Tech SOPMOD M4 BSP CO2 Blowback Rifle. Made by Viper Tech based in Taiwan, this has a dedicated CO2 magazine that has a capacity of 39 rounds and uses a 12g CO2 Cartridge. A single cartridge can fire a maximum 60 shots before being replaced. As for the body, it is CNC machined with forged steel receiver, steel outer barrel, steel bolt, and custom parts.

Shell Ejecting SR25 & More At eHobby Asia


This week's product updates from eHobby Asia shows the Rare Arms XR25 Shell Ejecting Carbine which is a unique gas blowback rifle from Taiwan. Othe airsoft guns are the 11.5 inch ViperTech SR-16 URX II GBB, KSC AKG KTR-03 GBB, and the A.P.S. Z1 CAP Action Combat Pistol.

GHK M4 Stock Buffer VS Viper Tech


Check this video out from BadaBing Pictures... "A quick video comparing the stock GHK buffer spring and Viper Tech Recoil Spring. The overall difference between the two springs maybe only slight, the Viper Tech spring has proven to be a decent upgrade for the GHK M4, chosen by many who run the platform."

Viper Tech SR-16E3 URX III RAS GBB-R


With a new KAC lower receiver, CWI Airsoft announce the availability of the premium Viper Tech SR-16E3 URX III RAS Gas Blowback Rifle which will set you back by US$1,046.01... "KAC STYLE SR-16 E3 Upper Receiver & SR-16 IWS Lower Receiver. It's made of 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy Forging Raw Block & CNC Post-processing. URX III, with 12.5inch length with the Flip up front sight.

SV Infinity STEEL, Notch Gear & New Items


Full blast news as we are now fully back into action after the Easter Break and we have eHobby Asia sending us a good list of new items available at their online store such as the G&P WOC SR16 E3 Gas Blow Back Rifle Long Version,VIPER TECH M16A2 723 GBB Rifle Steel Version, EAC SV Infinity STEEL, WE G34 Classic Floral Pattern GBB Pistol, and the NOTCH CLASSIC Hat. Check them out below and click on the links to learn more.

Viper Tech M4 CQB-R & M4 CQB GBB


Another premium Gas Blowback under the Viper Tech brand at CWI Airsoft. This takes the US Navy SEAL SOPMOD Mk18 Mod0 with M4A1 Colt Markings at the lower receiver and fully licensed from CyberGun. It comes with an LMT SOPMOD Style Buttstock and a Full Stroke. Full Travel Short Space and it claims it can provide heavy recoil even in winter. Price is US$872.64 with a CO2 magazine included.

New Product Releases at eHobby Asia


eHobby Asia has been busy posting new products that are just arriving at their doorstep every day and we strive to post whatever we spot online. We have seen the Viper Tech Steel Gas Blowback Airsoft guns and there is another one in this update. Also advanced motors from Tienly are in stock plus a restock on JR Duty Holster with Lock for Hi-Capa pistols. And for those who prefer Mayflower gear, the Mayflower UW Chest Rig (Gen IV, Desert Digital) is now available. Check the links below to go to their product pages.

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