More LCT LCK Forward Optical Rail System Photos


Weekend news from LCT Airsoft is about their LCK Forward Optical Rail System. Available in three lengths: 176mm (PK-228), 146mm (PK-229) and 118.5mm (PK-357). For owners of the LCT Airsoft AEGs, they can check if their AEGs which either are LCK and TX series will be able to use any of these.

LCT Airsoft LCK Plastic Handguard Sets Are Back


LCT Airsoft sent in news early this week about the availability of their plastic handguard sets (handguard, pistol grip, and fixed stock), and it includes the Plum colour. Other colour options are Black and Green are can fit the LCK AEG series. Interested LCK AEG owners can contact sellers when they are going to have these in stock.

The Latest In LCT Airsoft's Modularize Series


Still not seeing the right module/part that you want to put into your LCT LCK AEG? Here is another batch released by LCT Airsoft and you can choose which buttstock, dust cover, railed handguards, pistol grip, muzzle devices, magazine, and top cover. Putting these together is just a matter of mixing and matching the compatible modules.

LCT Airsoft LCK Z Series Coming Soon


A new round of Z Series of LCK AEGs from LCT Airsoft will be released this year. We have checked this out at the MOA Exhibition 2019 and they are solidly built with the Zenit-style kits to allow you to mount optics and weapons accessories. There will be four to be released with one of these, the ZP-10-01, sporting a 9mm-style magazine.

LCK Slim Pistol Grips From LCT Airsoft


The Slim Pistol Grips for the LCK (AK) AEG series of LCT Airsoft are available. These are not compatible with the VAL/VSS/SR-3/SR-3M/LCK-12 and LCK-15 AEGs so check the model you have before ordering one. They are not guaranteed to be compatible with non-LCT products as well. Check with your retailer for compatibility with your non-LCT AK AEG.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom LCK HPA Rifle


Another custom work from Airsoftjunkiez is now available to order by HPA airsoft rifle users... "The all new Airsoftjunkiez Custom LCK HPA with your choice of HPA engine. Full of upgrades including Prowin hopup, promi 363mm TBB, promi bucking, 12-inc. PTS Wedgelock rail, PTS EPG, PTS EPS-C and Custom VFC Airsoftjunkiez Aircraft Aluminum body."

LCT LCK Electric Blowback AK Sneak Peek


LCT Airsoft have announced previously that they will be making electric blowback AK AEGs and here is a sneak peek of the product which will also be available as a kit for owners of LCT AK AEGs... "Take a look first ~ LCT AK new experience to enjoy the thrill of electric gun recoil, bursts of more than 1 minute! LCT AK EBB will be listed on October, compatible with LCT AK Kit Sneak peek!! Brand-new feeling from LCT AK. Enjoy the blow back on AEG, continue to auto-mode shooting for one minute.

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