T238 Nano Tracer Unboxing & Test


A quick unboxing and test video by The Dragon Keeper 90 of the T238 Nano Tracer unit for airsoft use. The T238 Nano tracer, the smallest tracer currently available from the T238 brand, is made of lightweight carbon fiber and available in multiple colors. It boasts an impressive 15,000-shot battery life and features a standard 14mm CCW thread with an included 11mm CW adapter for broader compatibility.

Timerzanov Airsoft: T238 Nano Tracer Unit


From checking out tracers from Acetech, Timerzanov Airsoft checks out the competition, going over the T238 Nano Tracer Unit... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of two tracers from the T238 brand. So I present to you the NANO model. This is the smallest tracer currently from the T238 brand, made of carbon fiber and plastic and is available in several colors.

T238 Spitfire Tracer Unit Review


Roger Friberg gives his take on the T238 Spitfire Tracer Unit, one of the tracer units by T238, which are known for their brushless AEG motor. The T238 tracer unit is a device that makes BBs/NERF darts/Gel balls glow in the dark, allowing users to see the flight path of their shots. Special tracer projectiles are required, and the tracer unit is powered by a rechargeable battery.

WYSHTECH Airsoft's T238 Brushless Motor Review


WYSHTECH Airsoft got some good things to say about the T328 Brushless AEG Motor in case you are looking into using it for your upgrade project... "Welcome to our channel! In this exciting airsoft video, we dive into the world of high-performance motors with a comprehensive review of the game-changing T238 Brushless Motor.

T238 Nano + LITE Tracer Unit


iiAnferny quickly talks about affordable tracer units from T328. The T238 NANO Tracer unit is specifically engineered for BB/Gel blasters, enables BB/Gel balls to illuminate in the dark by attaching it to your blaster. The T238 LITE+ tracer unit is a compact device specifically engineered for small Airsoft and Gel ball blasters. It attaches to your blaster and enables your BB or Gel ball to illuminate in the dark, allowing you to track the trajectory of your shot.

Timerzanov Airsoft: T238 Griffon Tracer Unit & RGB Tracer Unit


T328, apart from brushless AEG motors, also make tracer units for airsoft use. Timerzanov Airsoft got the T238 Griffon Tracer Unit & RGB Tracer Unit to check out for this video review... "Hello everyone ! Today I meet you for a video review of two tracers from the T238 brand. So I suggest you discover the Griffon and RGB Tracer Unit. Each have nice features. Anyway, enjoy video everyone!

T238 Brushless AEG Motor Upgrade


T328 posted this video review by Diles46 of the T238 Brushless AEG Motor. The T238 High Thermal Efficiency Brushless Motor is a high torque, high speed motor with overheat, low voltage, and locked rotor protection. It features stepless speed regulation and a long axis for use in Airsoft AEGs. The motor body is made of CNC Aluminum precision machining and the motor gear is D type.

T238 Griffon Spitfire Tactical Tracer Unit Review


Wargonny tries the T238 Griffon Spitfire Tactical Tracer Unit, giving more options to airsoft players in selecting tracer units for use in games. The T238 Griffon Spitfire Tactical Tracer unit is an attachment for airsoft guns, NERF dart, and Gel ball blasters that allows the ammunition to glow in the dark, providing a visible flight path. To achieve this effect, special tracer BBs, NERF darts, or Gel balls are required.

T238 39000rpm Brushless Motor


St Grabriel finds the T238 39000rpm Brushless Motor handles his M140 spring better as he upgrades his AEG... "Upgrade on my M4. I changed old good SHS high torque motor to T238 beast with 39000rpm. Now it's easy handles M140 Guarder spring. And an example - SHS high torque motor with 12:1 gears and less powerfull M120 spring."

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