Ares Aqua Gel Blasters At Tactical Edge Hobbies


Tactical Edge Hobbies go over the Aqua Gel Blasters by Ares that they have available in Australia... "Sometimes the biggest improvements are a lot of smaller ones. We're excited to see more and more manufacturers take our Australian hobby seriously and bring products from across the pond!"

Gunfire Instant Airsoft: WA2000 By ARES


Gunfire's Instant Airsoft series features the Ares Airsoft WA2000 Sniper Rifle... "Another interesting proposition from ARES is the WA2000 - an ASG replica of a very well-known, though rarely seen sniper rifle. WA2000 is over 6 kg of wood and aluminum. When we take it in our hands, we feel exactly what a great legend we are holding.

Gunfire: Why Mutant Is Mutant?


Leszek goes radioactive as he talks about the Amoeba Mutant series available at Gunfire... "If you've dreamed of a hybrid, you don't have to buy a car! Leszek presents a new series of replicas from Amoeba Airsoft - Mutant. Four barrel lengths, two color versions of each model. The shortest ASG replica will be perfect for CQB games, and longer versions will be an ideal BBS thrower for longer distances.

How Good Is The Ares M16 RIS AEG With EFCS?


Sniper Airsoft Supply does a video review to find out if the the Ares M16 RIS AEG With EFCS is something they can recommend to their customers... "Ares has finally brought us a new generation of Airsoft (S) AEGs with E-System! We introduce you to the M16 RIS rifle with EFCS. In the unboxing we give you the most important facts and in the action test we see how well the Ares M16 shoots!"

REAPERS Airsoft: Ares L85A3 S-AEG


If you want an authoratative review on the Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG, Reapers Airsoft is happy to oblige. This is a semi-auto version to meet German regulations. Just turn on your player's language caption as this is done in German... "Hi folks! I this review we check out the Ares L85A3, this is the current SA80 which has been modernized by HK (Heckler & Koch).

DTW Airsoft On The EMG Ares Kel-Tec RDB 17 AEG


DTW Airsoft gives his thoughts on the EMG Ares Kel-Tec RDB 17 AEG if it is the best airsoft bullpup so far in this video... "This time we are unboxing the EMG / Ares RDB 17 with full Kel-Tec trades. This airsoft bullpup is not only good for woodland but compact enough for cqb games too."

EMG x Ares Keltec RDB17 AEG At Bespoke Airsoft


Bespoke Airsoft feature the EMG x Ares Keltec RDB17 AEG in this "Bringing It Home" episode... "In the world of bullpup rifle configurations, a very common concern for some users is ambidexterity. How can one hold the rifle, and utilize it to its full potential while avoiding getting hot brass in the face every time a round is fired and extracted?

Kel-Tec RDB17 AEG Unboxing, Test & Review


Trifecta Airsoft tests the Kel-Tec RDB17 Bullpup AEG if it is the best airsoft bullpup in the market... "Best Airsoft Bullpup KelTec RDB17 Test and Review Unboxing. We unbox, test, and review this brand new bullpup airsoft rifle by KelTec/EMG/Ares and it's awesome! Special thanks to Todd for letting us test and review it, had a great time."

Airsoft Mike: Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG


Mainly available at most airsoft retailers in the UK, Airsoft Mike gets hold one of the Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG for an unboxing and overview video. This is the dark earth colours and the EFCS system, further this still features the KeyMod rail system though we would prefer the most recent update done to the real world one that has the M-Lok system.

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