Cybergun/Ares FN SCAR-SC AEG Review


The subcompact FN SCAR-SC made by Ares Airsoft for Cybergun gets the scrutiny from L'antre Du Dingo. Available at retailers now, this AEG has a metal upper receiver with the polymer receiver as seen in the real world one. This comes with the Ares EFCS which gives the player safe, semi, 3-round burst and full auto fire modes that are programmable with the optional EFCS control box and features a quick spring change feature.

Ares M4 X-Class Models At Airsoft2Go


The new Ares M4 X-Class AEGs are now available at Airsoft2Go. They do a video presentation of what they have in stock... "We have added a new range of Ares to our range. The Ares M4 X-Class Model in 9-inch  and 12-inch  in BLK and Bronze.

Immo introduces you to the Airsoft models and talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the weapons. For new players, he also shows how to change the spring on the Ares models.

Ares Amoeba Airsoft Striker AS03 Sniper Build


Brian YTC got an airsoft sniper build he wants to show and it is based on the Ares Amoeba Airsoft Striker AS03 sniper rifle... "My New Sniper Rifle and My Build  ARES AMOEBA , Striker AS03. I treated myself to a new sniper rifle that I had my eye on for a while because it was in the sale at Bespoke Airsoft in U.K with a £50 discount. once I had it I threw a couple of bits on it and was very happy with the outcome."

Jaeger Precision: Ares 308L AEG


Jaeger Precision does a quick review of the 308L AEG made by Ares Airsoft. This long AEG has a one piece cylinder, and enhanced shooting performance. Safety and magazine release are ambidextrous with high quality steel flash hider, fire selector, and buttons. The stock is an Amoeba Pro Stock with adjustable cheek pad.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Ares Airsoft AR308M AEG


The Ares Airsoft AR308M AEG is an AR-style .308 rifle that is equipped with the EFCS. Timerzanov Airsoft takes a look at one to give his verdict... "Hi there ! Today I offer you the review of a new replica from ARES, it is the AR308M a replica inspired by an AR15 but chambered in caliber 308. This replica is equipped with the programmable EFCS system. Have a great video everyone!

0'20 Magazine's Ares 308L AEG Review


Included in Issue No. 42 of the English edition of 0'20 Magazine is a review of the Ares Airsoft 308L AEG... "Ares’ 308 series comprises three models, the AR-308S, AR-308M and AR-308L, and today we will focus on the last one.

Neo035 With The Ares Airsoft Mauser 98k + ZF39


A ready to go Ares Airsoft Mauser Kar98k rifle with the ZF39 scope already mounted is available at some retailers. But for others owning one without the scope, it can be bought separately. Neo035 already had an unboxing video of the Kar98k and he installs the ZF39 scope replica so he can do a complete review that World War II enthusiasts might want to watch.

REAPERs Airsoft: Ares AR-308L Deluxe AEG


A ready to go to action Ares AR-308L Deluxe AEG gets fully reviewed first by REAPERs Airsoft... "Hey guys, today we're enjoying the new Ares AR.308L S-AEG. This model comes from Airsoft2Go in a deluxe package incl. LPVO HD 1-6x24, Geissele Montage, QD Schalli, 2x MidCap in a case."

REAPERs Airsoft's Ares M4 X-Class Model 9 /12 AEG Review


REAPERS Airsoft takes a a look at the M4 X-Class Model AEGs from Ares Airsoft. This is available in two variants: the Model 9 and Model 12 which you can also deduce that Model 12 is the longer version. Both have Steel Flash Hiders, Picatinny rails running the whole top, ambidextrous operation, slim motor and grip, the flip up sights, and the EFCS reinforced gearbox... After the Ares AR.308L, in this video we take a look at the new Ares X-Class M4 series."

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