2-Part Review Of The Ares Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG


Uncle of Fury Hsu Ka Wah Alan goes to City Hunter Indoor Airsoft Game Facility to try out the new Ares Kel-Tec RDB E-AEG. This is the latest bullpup AEG from Ares Airsoft that is based on the Kel-Tec weapon desoign and for the first part of the review it is doing a test shoot. The second part is more of a commentary which can be followed by those familiar with Cantonese.

Notice how he's proud with his Pornhub patch?

Upgraded Ares Amoeba Striker AS02 Accuracy Test


Riddler Goose tests an upgraded Amoeba Striker ASO2 sniper rifle from Ares Airsoft. The upgrades include parts from Action Army and Maple Leaf... "In this video I will be shooting the ARES AS02 Striker which has been upgraded. The parts are as follows. CPSB 004 Cylinder and all the internals, Action Army Hop Chamber, Maple leaf hop rubber 50 degrees and a hop adjustment wheel. This is also a good opportunity to play with different camera angles and my new scopecam.

RWTV: ARES Kel-Tec RDB Sneak Peek


The latest airsoft bullpup about to be released, the Ares Airsoft Kel-Tec RDB AEG, is on pre-order at RedWolf Airsoft. Marck gives us a sneak peek of this AEG in this episode of RWTV... "The Kel-Tec RDB is a modern bullpup rifle chambered in 5.56 that is the little brother to the RFB chambered in .308. The RDB comes from the same family of firearms as the widely known KSG shotgun and shares many similarities with it.

Hyperdouraku Amoeba Striker AST-01 Sniper Rifle Review


Another airsoft sniper rifle from Amoeba brand of Ares Airsoft is in the market, the Striker AST-01, gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku... "This time, we will review the original design bolt action rifle, STRIKER AST-01, from Hong Kong airsoft gun maker ARES brand AMOEBA. I've been interested in this model for a long time, so I'm looking forward to the actual shooting test.

Ares MSR 303 Sniper Rifle, Kel-tec RDB & Amoeba Mutant


Joe Toys presents new products from Ares Airsoft, the MSR 303, Kel-tec RDB and the Amoeba Mutant AEG... "This year, Ares airsoft is very aggressive and actively release different styles. No matter the rifle or sniper rifle and the ammunition pot, many new products have been launched.

Ares/Umarex G36C EFCS Electric Blowback Review


Timerzanov Airsoft reviews the G36C EBB with EFCS from Umarex with Ares Airsoft as OEM... "Hi all ! Today we are going over the G36C EFCS from ARES/UMAREX. Faithful replica of the H&K G36 Keymod used by the police for the fight against terrorism, this replica will surprise you with its quality and finish. Umarex has joined forces with ARES for the gearbox which uses the EFCS system, so you can program your replica with Burst mode using a box sold separately."

Wargame Walker: Ares M45S Product Review


Wargame Walker got the Ares M45S AEG in stock. One of the compact AEG offerings from Ares Airsoft as the industry became SBR and PDW crazy using 9mm-style magazines, Ares Airsoft went with .45 ACP-style magazines for this design. Mainly made up of polymer and allow, this comes a with a 60-round AEG magazine and adjustable hop-up... "Join us as we go over the M45S from Ares Airsoft! one of the most perfectly suited CQB weapons available."

DTW Airsoft On The Ares L85 AFV With SUSAT


Available for years now, the ARES L85 AFV is equipped with a SUSAT and compact enough that makes it ideal for CQB. DTW Airsoft takes a look at this AEG... "The baby of the L85 family. The Ares L85 AFV is designed for tank crews and close compact areas. The bullpup design makes it ideal for both CQB and woodland airsoft games."

Negative Airsoft On The Ares B&T APC9K AEG


The Ares Airsoft/Arrow Dynamic/Arrow Arms B&T APC9K AEG is available in the market nowadays and some players are not taken to its design though it looks to be a good compact AEG for CQB games. Negative Airsoft got one and gives his take on this AEG... "The real thing looks awful, this is a very good copy of it..."

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