Ares/Begadi Otto Repa S-AEG Shooting Tests


As part of the full review of the Ares/Begadi Otto Repa S-AEG, L'Antre Du Dingo conducts a shooting test to see how it fares. This semi-automatic assault airsoft gun is has CNC parts, featuring a one-piece outer barrel and a continuous 21mm rail for attaching scopes and accessories. It has a functional slide catch, loading lever, and an adjustable HopUp that’s M4/M16 compatible.

Ares Amoeba Octarms Pro KM12 AEG Review


Divisão Nove Airsoft in Brazil goes over the features of the Ares Amoeba Octarms Pro KM12 AEG and share what they think about it. The Ares Amoeba Pro (Octarms) M4 AEG 12" with EFCS Unit is a full metal airsoft gun in tan color. It has an EFCS gearbox, quick spring change, and is programmable with the Ares Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer EFCS.

Hyperdouraku: ARES × Cybergun FN SCAR-SC EFCS AEG


Mister Moro gets his hands on the ARES × Cybergun FN SCAR-SC EFCS AEG for this Hyperdouraku review... "This time, we will be reviewing the FN SCAR-SC, an electric gun that is a collaboration between ARES and Cybergun, an airsoft gun manufacturer in Hong Kong. Electric gun officially licensed by FN in Belgium. Compact style 5.56mm assault rifle, SCAR-SC. Flip-up sight with locking function for both front and rear sights. The flash hider is made of 3-prong metal and has M14 reverse thread.

Neo035: Ares Airsoft M3A1 Grease Gun EBB


We're back with airsoft's World War II specialist, Neo035, as he reviews the Ares Airsoft M3A1 Grease Gun EBB. This has been in the market for years now and we wonder if there are improvements to it. The ARES Electric Rifle M3A1 (AR-SMG4) is also known as the ARES SMG-004 M3A1 X CLASS. It features a one-piece steel body, a retractable metal stock, and an electric blowback. The rifle comes with a 65-round low-capacity metal magazine and has a safety lock and full-auto firing mode.

Ares Airsoft SCAR-L Review


A rather very quick review of the SCAR-L AEG from Ares Airsoft in this video by Atlantic Shoot. The Ares Scar-L is a new type of FN SCAR-L that uses ARES’s EFCS and is based on their Amoeba range. It has a polymer lower receiver, alloy upper receiver, and a four-position foldable stock with an adjustable cheek piece. It comes with adjustable flip-up iron sights and works with the ARES Gearbox Programmer for burst fire.

Ares Classic Line Kar98k Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Changlin goes over the Kar98k airsoft sniper rifle as made by Ares Airsoft. The Ares Karabiner 98K is a Carbine version of the WW1 Gewehr 98, also known as the Kar98K, a legendary bolt gun used by the Germans in WW2. It has a direct BB feeding system, like the Amoeba STRIKER series, for realistic action. It has a 20-BB round magazine and comes in a hard plastic case. It is ideal for WW2 re-enactments, cosplay or display.

Comparing Non-Japanese Made Airsoft Guns


Mister Moro does a comparison of airsoft guns made by non-Japanese airsoft brands in this episode of Hyperdouraku... "This time, CYMA, Specna Arms, Classic Army, S&T, and ARES are five overseas brands of electric guns. They are all familiar brands and the products reviewed are priced at under 30,000 yen, have resin receivers, and are equipped with electronic triggers or FETs. How do they perform?"

Precisão Airsoft: Lee Enfield MK-I No. IV 4 Rifle


The Ares Airsoft Lee Enfield MK-I No. IV 4 Rifle is available in Brazil at Precisão Airsoft and Alexander Caesar presents it with appropriate loadout... "Airsoft Precision brings first-hand the British Lee Enfield MK-I Nº IV Airsoft Rifle, by Ares, being the only two in Brazil that are currently known. One of them is available for sale in our store..."

WalcomS7 On The Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker AS02


"It isn't about the length of your barrel, it's how you use it," that's WalcomS7 says as he reviews the Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker AS02 in this video... "The Ares AMOEBA STRIKER AS02 Gen 2 is a bolt-action Airsoft rifle that can hit 400 FPS out of the box in a compact, aesthetic AF package. Pinpoint accuracy, smooth bolt-action, and ton of potential for upgrades make it a versatile package for just about everyone.

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