EMG TTI JW3 2011 Combat Master With Custom Island Barrel


A snap shot video by Evike.com of the EMG TTI JW3 2011 Combat Master w/ Custom Island Barrel thay they have in stock... "Taran Tactical Innovations is a name synonymous with ultra high performance gun customization and competition inspired accessories. Taran Butler, the founder of Taran Tactical Innovations is a world reknown shooter that has more championship titles across a myriad of competitions than anyone else.

PPC Airsoft: Double Bell G34 TTI GBB Pistol


The Double Bell G34 TTI GBB Pistol is available in Japan and can also be ordered via Amazon. This is based on the G34 Combat Master Taran Tactical Innovations custom work that John Wick fans are familiar with. The silver-coloured slides and frame are engraved with Glock and TTI markings and has a magazine capacity of 24 BB rounds. PPC Airsoft does a review of this gas blowback pistol in this video.

Moondog On The EMG TTI Combat Master 2011


Moondog Industries goes John Wick 3 as he reviews the EMG TTI Combat Master 2011 John Wick 3 Gas Blowback Pistol in this video... "A review of the EMG Official Licensed Taran Tactical custom STI Combat Master 2011. This GBB airsoft training pistol is a replica of the TTI 2011 pistol used by Keanu in John Wick 3. Designed by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical."

Airsoft GI Visits Taran Tactical


Taran Tactical is a brand very familiar to airsoft players via the John Wick movie franchise and they license their designs for the airsoft market. Cisco of Airsoft GI drops by Taran Tactical together with Steve Wang of Sierra Whiskey LLC to talk how Steve trains with airsoft... "We went to Taran Tactical Innovations JUST TO FLEX!😂 Seriously, Steve Wang and the Airsoft GI Team visited Taran Tactical Innovations to show how Steve uses airsoft to train for his shooting competitions.

E&C F8 TTI BCM Carbine 13" Keymod AEG Review By Hyperdouraku


Gentaro Toi again writes for Hyperdouraku, reviewing the E&C F8 TTI BCM Carbine 13" Keymod AEG in tan... "Introducing the tactical AR-15 electric gun from China's E&C airsoft brand. This is based on the AR-15 custom that appeared in the movie 'Fast & Furious 8 (Wild Speed Ice Break)'. The coolness of the appearance is perfect because it is modeled on the prop of the movie based on the TTI custom that is famous in the United States.

Nonocat: EMG STI TTI 2011 Combat Master


Another quick look at the EMG STI Taran Tactical 2011 Combat Master GBB Pistol which of course is more known as the John Wick Pistol. It is a fully licensed airsoft pistol and comes with a CNC machined aluminum slide that is detailed laser engraved markings of officially licensed STI rollmarks and TTI trades. Nonocat does her John Wick impression for a minute review of this GBB pistol.

John Wick Airsoft Pistols Overview


Anvil Airsoft TV (formerly Airsoft Action TV) gives us an overview of two John Wick airsoft pistols, the EMG TTI Combat Master and STI DVC 3-Gun... "Here's a short overview and test fire of the EMG TTI Combat Master and EMG STI DVC 3-Gun GBB pistols imported by ASG. I didn't really get the chance to do a through test but they were certainly very well made and constructed."

KLI Baba Yaga vs TTI Combat Masters


A comparison is done by Cisco and Isaias of Airsoft GI on the KLI Baba Yaga GBB pistol against the STI/TTI Combat Masters from EMG and JAG Arms in this video... "Cisco and Isaias take a look at and compare the KLI Baba Yaga, JAG Arms TTI Combat Master, EMG TTI Combat Master! Check out what they have to say!"

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