G&G GTP9 Gas 50R Hi-Cap Magazine


Have more BBs for use with your G&G GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol or when used with the SMC9 Kit with this new 50-round gas magazine. It is already available at dealers or authorised resellers near you... "Grab an extended magazine for your GTP 9 or SMC-9. Now available. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability."

G&G GTP9 GBB Pistol At Airsoft Atlanta


The new G&G GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol is available at Airsoft Atlanta... "The G&G GTP9 Green Gas Blowback Pistol airsoft gun. G&G's newest gun for 2019 that features a natural point and shoot design for shooters. Uses green gas and GTP9 magazines. A great pistol with full blowback action.  Customize it for various uses.

Airsoft Mike: G&G GTP9 GBB Pistol


Airsoft Mike got this hands of the new G&G GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol. This comes with the new revolutionary Whirl Cylinder Valve and is mainly made of metal... "Could this be the best Airsoft sidearm package ever? At a great price? Join me as I unbox my latest purchase and put it through its paces."

Evike.com: G&G Armament GTP9


Matt features the G&G Armament GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol in this Evike.com video. They expect this to be available at their online store soon... "WWith the revolutionary whirl cylinder valve and a unique striker-fired design, the G&G GTP9 brings another competitive GBB to the world of Airsoft."

Rad Plastic: G&G GTP9 Pistol Review


Rad Plastic got his hands on the G&G Armament GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol for a review. This pistol features the innovation that G&G introduced, the whirl cylinder valve made of ceramic with the aim of minimising frost buildup inside the gun and a green gas filtration system to make sure that the green gas is clean inside the magazine... "G&G mistakenly let me review this brand new pistol, shipping at the end of this year. It's neat!

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