Well WE06 Pro SMG Unboxing & Test


Softair Zone like what they see as they unbox and review the Well WE06 Pro SMG AEG. According to them Well's new Pro Series introduces the brand new WE06 Pro Advanced. This model, like the WE23S Minigun, boasts high-quality internals. However, it stands out from the standard WE06, which uses a standard Gearbox with Mosfet, known from the WE01A.

S&T UST9 Sportline AEG At Softair Zone


Softair Zone shows us the various features of the S&T UST9 Sportline AEG they have at their store. The UST9 is a lightweight and comfortable replica of a widely-used German submachine gun, is powered by an advanced G3 gearbox, enabling a firing rate of approximately 24 BBs per second.

Testing The Specna Arms SA-J02 EDGE 2.0 Aster S-AEG


Softair Zone tests the Specna Arms SA-J02 Edge 2.0 with Gate Aster S-AEG that they have at their store... "We show you the new flagship of the new AK series from Specna Arms. The SA-J02 Edge 2.0 with Real Wood and Gate Aster. The AK is a .47 model. The wooden parts are very nicely designed and also feel accordingly. The rest consists almost entirely of metal and aluminum. All common magazines fit except those from G&G."

Specna Arms SA-E09 EDGE AEG At Softair Zone


A walkthrough by Softair Zone of the Specna Arms SA-E09 EDGE AEG that they have in stock... "We present you the brand new SA-E09 Edge 2.0. It is fully equipped with everything that Specna Arms has to offer in terms of high-quality components. Including a programmable GATE Aster. We are really completely convinced of the model. The shot pattern and the ROF are also really impressive."

SoftAir Zone: Double Eagle M918G EK47 E.T.U.


Softair Zone gives a thorough walkthrough of the Double Eagle M918G EK47 E.T.U. which is made to German-spec in this video... "Introducing the brand new Double Eagle M918G EK47 E.T.U. with licensed Aeroknow M-Lok Handguard. The handguard and the upper receiver are made of CNC aluminum, the lower, pistol grip and stock are made of polymer.

S&T MK46 Sportsline at Softair Zone


Affordable and lightweight MK46 Sportsline AEG from S&T is in stock at Softair Zone and here is what they say about it... "We are now presenting the third Sportsline LMG made of polymer. The MK46 has the same internals as the M249 models. It is therefore fully expandable for the future with the V2 Gearbox.

Tokyo Marui MP7 Li-Po Adapter AEP


For MP7 AEP owners, here is a Li-Po Adapter they can use so they can power their AEPs with Lipo batteries. Softair Zone tells more... "This practical adapter eliminates the need for mods or soldering to equip the Well or Umarex MP7 models with Li-Pos. The ROF and the power becomes more constant and the Li-PO lasts a long time. Especially since you can choose the performance here in the accessories.



A low powered WELL WE01A SMG CQB is available at Softair Zone and here is what they say about this... "Here we show you the brand new Well WE01A. With this airsoft, which is sold under 0.5 joules and therefore from 14, show Well that you are rightly an old hand in the field of airsoft.

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