Silverback Tac-41 GBB Hop Up Installation Guide


Jaeger Precision shows how one owners of the Silverback Tac-41 can install the GBB type Hop-Up unit. The TAC-41 optional hopup unit is designed for use with "GBB" (Gas Blow Back) style inner barrels and hopup rubbers. It's made from high-quality CNC machined parts and includes a feeding system to prevent double feeding. This unit is compatible with most "GBB" type components and allows for some adjustment of the inner barrel for different brands.

Silverback Airsoft TAC-41 At Evike Europe


Quick presentation by the Evike Europe of the Silverback Airsoft of the TAC-41 sniper rifle that they have in stock... "A must have for all sniper players who wants a ready to play replica out of the box, the Silverback TAC-41 is now available on Evike-Europe. The new brand platform at the origin of the SRS renown, with internal and external high quality and unparalleled performances at the box."

The STALKER Customized TAC-41 TDC Hop-Up Build


Stalker Airsoft Designs talk about their The STALKER Customized TAC-41 TDC Hop-up Build which they claim to be the most silent airsoft sniper rifle in the world... "Pinselkrieg shoots the full STALKER customized TAC-41 Airsoft Sniper Rifle and gives his honest review on it. is this the most silent airsoft sniper rifle on earth!?

Silverback Airsoft TAC-41 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle 3D Presentation


Silverback Airsoft are working on a prototype TAC-41 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle, releasing a 3D presentation to get you excited about their next project... "Hi All! Fresh from the 'drawing board', here is the concept of our future spring bolt action rifle platform, the TAC 41.

The initial idea is very simple: transpose the mechanic of our SRS replica into a non-bullpup rifle. The cylinder bore and piston stroke are the same as the SRS, with 41cc air volume, hence the name of the project.

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