Airsoft Medicine August 2014 Podcast


Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine sent in news about the latest podcast from Airsoft Medicine available for your listening pleasure... "We have a very special guest from the world of Airsoft Ophthalmology join us for our August Airsoft Medicine podcast.  Dr. Timothy Chou of the State University of New York, Stoneybrook, discusses the only known case of eye penetration by an airsoft bb.  The ironic point made by Dr.

Airsoft Medicine ICS Transform4 Review


The ICS Transform4, the electric blowback with the split gearbox offering from ICS, is slowly making its way to reviewers and the latest to give us a review are the Airsoft Medicine crew with Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry going over this promising new generation ICS AEG...

Vote For Dr. Airsoft's Short Film "SHE"


It's not airsoft related, but the airsoft community's very own Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine has an entry My RØDE Reel 2014 which is a short video contest where video enthusiasts submit entries that are recorded with RØDE mics which are popular among videographers, amateurs and professionals alike. Dr. Airsoft, stars and directed the movie. Click on the link below to vote for it.

Airsoft Medicine March 2014 Podcast


For your listening pleasure for the middle of month, the Airsoft Medicine team of Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry have posted online their March 2014 Podcast where they discuss the latest issue in the California airsoft community, airsoft tech stuff, and free-wheeling discussions on what's developing in the airsoft industry...  "We give an update on SB 199, discuss how not to connect batteries to the APS PMC AK47, and speculate about TippMann Airsoft."

PDT-Tech Airsoft Protective Gear Review


Airsoft Medicine's Dr. Airsoft gives us a review of the PDT-Tech Protective Gear now aimed at the Airsoft Market. Initially made for simunition training protection, they are now offering it to players, and if you want good protection for CQB games, these will do the job ably... "PDT-Tech makes simunitions protective gear which can also be used in airsoft.

Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance AAR


It's a father and son tandem this time for Airsoft Medicine as Dr. Airsoft and son went on a 2-hour journey to attend the Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance organised by Airsoft GI... "Bob’s Rebel Training Camp was a great operation for new and experienced players alike at one of the leading airsoft facilities in the country.  If you were there you would agree.  If you were not there, I encourage you not to miss a game sponsored by Airsoft GI if you ever have the chance to attend."

Airsoft Medicine's Airsoft Podcasts Guide


Airsoft Medicine gives us a definitive guide on Airsoft Podcasts... "For the uninitiated, a podcast is a series of audio (or video) recordings posted on the web by a content producer. It is possible for a listener/viewer to subscribe through services like iTunes to have new episodes automatically downloaded to a computer or mobile device for listening at their convenience using Really Simple Syndication (RSS). I think of it as being like radio shows you can listen to whenever you like, only there is way more content than radio could ever deliver.

Barbara Beach Interviews Dr. Airsoft


Airsoft Medicine posted at their Facebook page about an interview with Barbara Beach. This is a podcast at Radioactive Broadcasting to discuss about the Airsoft Medicine Podcast and his campaign on Airsoft Injury Prevention. Dr. Airsoft is our go to guy when it comes to anything related to airsoft safety and injuries and with Rangemaster Larry, they host one of the best podcasts for airsoft.

“Big Box” Stores & Airsoft Eye Injuries


An interesting post by Dr. Airsoft at Airsoft Medicine regarding Big Box Stores as one of the two main sources of airsoft guns that are used in situations that cause eye injuries to persons... "'Big Box' stores are documented as the source of airsoft guns in a significant number of airsoft eye injuries according to a 2013 study published in the March edition of the French Journal of Ophthalmology.

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