Nonocat With The Archwick B&T Licensed APC9-K GBB


A good take by Nonocat on the Archwick B&T Licensed APC9-K Gas Blowback SMG which she took the opportunity when she was in Taiwan. She is also joined by Stewbacca of Airsoft Action... "Whilst we were in Taiwan, we were given an opportunity to check out the very first unit of the Archwick's APC9-K Gas Blowback that rolled out of their first batch of production.

MOA Exhibition 2023: Archwick B&T Air APC9 GBB Series


Here is your chance to collect the airsoft versions of B&T APC9 family as Archwick is producing for B&T Air the APC9 GBB Series and they were on display during the MOA Exhibition 2023 in Taipei. The B&T APC series is a family of carbines designed for the demands of police, special forces, and military units around the world. The series includes the APC9/40 & 45/10mm, the APC223/556/300 line, and the APC308.

Archwick B&T SPR 300 PRO Unboxing


Airsoft Mike goes over the Archwick B&T SPR 300 PRO airsoft sniper rifle in this unboxing video. The SPR 300 PRO can be easily taken apart and reassembled without affecting its performance. It has a built-in suppressor, polymer lower receiver and an aluminum upper receiver with an adjustable cheek rest and a folding stock. The rifle comes with many upgrades, such as a steel trigger, an aluminum piston, and a brass inner barrel.

RWTV: Archwick B&T SPR 300 Pro


One of the more recent reviews by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) which they find the Archwick B&T SPR 300 Pro airsoft sniper rifle to be a real silent rifle to bring to the field... "Introducing the fully licensed ARCHWICK B&T SPR 300 Pro bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, which boasts the assurance of quality and authenticity that comes with its partnership with Brugger & Thometl.

Archwick B&T AIR SPR300 Sniper Rifle Review


Yi Workshop reviews the Archwick B&T AIR SPR300 Sniper Rifle if it meets his criteria of what a good airsoft sniper rifle should be... "It is not enough for a toy gun to be topical and collectible, but to make players willing to start and actually use it without paying too much. My comment on the SPR300 toy gun is that it has a suitable and easy-to-carry size, good performance, reasonable price, and high versatility with existing peripheral parts.

Can The Archwick USW-G Kit Fit The Baton Airsoft BG-17


The Archwick USW-G Kit was designed to fit most of the airsoft Glock pistols from the well known brands and Fractographer Momo tries to find out if will fit the Baton Airsoft BG-17 CO2 Blowback Pistol. The Archwick USW-G Kit is a licensed kit from B&T for use with airsoft Glocks to have a stable shooting platform.

MOA Exhibition 2022: Archwick B&T USW-G17, SPR300 PRO & APC9K PRO


Archwick got the licence to produce airsoft guns based on the designs of Swiss firearms company B&T. In this video Nelson of Archwick presents three of their products under the brand starting with the USW-G17 Kit which many should be familiar now. He also presents the B&T Air SPR300 PRO sniper rifle, and the APC9K PRO Gas Blowback that airsoft playeers should look forward to next year. An AEG version is also in the work and will come in different variants.

Archwick USW-G Airsoft Kit The Long Take


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu does a cinematic video with the Archwick USW-G Airsoft Kit . Already available in the market, this licensed kit allows one to convert an airsoft Glock Gas Blowback Pistol into a B&T USW... "Trying to use 'Long Take' Technique for Archwick USW-G Visual project phase 2, this may be the first time in Hong Kong airsoft field footages…..

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