MOA Exhibition 2022: Archwick B&T USW-G17, SPR300 PRO & APC9K PRO


Archwick got the licence to produce airsoft guns based on the designs of Swiss firearms company B&T. In this video Nelson of Archwick presents three of their products under the brand starting with the USW-G17 Kit which many should be familiar now. He also presents the B&T Air SPR300 PRO sniper rifle, and the APC9K PRO Gas Blowback that airsoft playeers should look forward to next year. An AEG version is also in the work and will come in different variants.

Archwick USW-G Airsoft Kit The Long Take


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu does a cinematic video with the Archwick USW-G Airsoft Kit . Already available in the market, this licensed kit allows one to convert an airsoft Glock Gas Blowback Pistol into a B&T USW... "Trying to use 'Long Take' Technique for Archwick USW-G Visual project phase 2, this may be the first time in Hong Kong airsoft field footages…..

Tokyo Marui Glock 17/WE G18 + Archwick B&T USW-G ASMR


For your next ASMR session with 4UAD Smart Airsoft it's aboutt the Archwick B&T USW-G. This is a fully licensed kit from B&T via ASG that is made by Archwick of Taiwan. This allows the use of the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 or WE G18 gas blowback pistols with ths CCK to work like the B&T USW.

Archwick B&T USW-G Kit Polymer Version Quick Preview


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu gives us a sneak peek of the polymer version of the Archwick B&T USW-G Kt. Fully licensed, this can be fitted on the G17 or G35 gas blowback pistol. He says its an easy to install PDW kit with folding stock. You can Can mount Aimpoint ACRO optical sight directly with picatinny accessory rails on rear top for optical sight and a picatinny accessory rails a the front weapons accessories. This includes a steel rear sight and cocking handle.

Archwick Airsoft Hi-Capa Carbine Kit


Gaosen Kinetics gives us a quick look at the upcoming Archwick Airsoft CCK for the Hi-Capa pistol that was on display during the MOA Camping Fest 2022 in Taiwan that took place early this month... "An early look at the up and coming Archwick Hi-Capa Carbine kit, based on the B&T USW-style Carbine kit.

Anvil Airsoft TV's Archwick L119A2 GBB Rifle Review


Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) got the Archwick LL119A2 Gas Blowback Rifle to check out if it is the best airsoft version in the market... "We review and test the Archwick GHK Based L119A2 GBBR on the range at Thurlaston Airgun & Archery Centre. Is it the best replica of the L119A2 on the market? Watch the video to find out...!"

Archwick L119A2 Conversion Kit For Tokyo Marui MWS GBBR


Archwick got available for the fans of the Colt Canada L119A2 a conversion kit fully licensed and made for EMG. This fits the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback Rifle is mainly made of CNC-machined T6061 aluminium and has a GHK lower frame and internal set. The hop-up unit included in the package was made with A Plus airsoft and a 30BB round gas magazine is also included in the package.

Airsoftology: Archwick Airsoft's B&T USW Kit


Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology is back with a review of one the releases for 2021 by Archwick, a licensed B&T USW conversion kit for Glock pistols. This is compatible with the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 18C Gas Blowback Pistols, and if we're not mistaken, with the Glock 18C AEP as well. Other airsoft G17 Gen 4 and G18C pistols can fit if they are Marui compatible.

Jeff The Kid: Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion


Jeff The Kid has a lot to say of this B&T USW-G17/G18 done by Archwick... "When I received the assault kit for the first time, I was not interested in this kind of things. Now that I will spend money to buy it, I find it very strange. Anyway. The assault kit I will introduce today is really goddamn expensive. I should buy it. I've passed the most expensive assault kit, but you always have its reason (it should be...)

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