Wargame Walker: Ares M45S Product Review


Wargame Walker got the Ares M45S AEG in stock. One of the compact AEG offerings from Ares Airsoft as the industry became SBR and PDW crazy using 9mm-style magazines, Ares Airsoft went with .45 ACP-style magazines for this design. Mainly made up of polymer and allow, this comes a with a 60-round AEG magazine and adjustable hop-up... "Join us as we go over the M45S from Ares Airsoft! one of the most perfectly suited CQB weapons available."

Wargame Walker: Ares SOC AR SLR


South African airsoft retailer Wargame Walker gives an in-depth review of the Ares SOC AR SLR, a bullpup AEG that they have in stock. This is licensed by the German company Otto Repa OMR... "We dive into the SOC AR SLR bullpup from Ares Airsoft, covering both negative and positive aspects of this rare weapon."

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