G&G PCC45 In Action At Tier1 CQB


Pewpew Paladin brought the G&G PCC45 AEG to play at the Tier1 CQB faciluty in Cornwall in the UK... "The new G&G PCC45 has fast become one of my favorite airsoft CQB options, and it really comes alive in the tight enclosed spaces of TIER1CQB. The site offers a unique experience here in Cornwall - with fast paced, ever evolving game play. Not only to owners and staff work tirelessly to tweak and develop the indoor arena, but the site itself seems to evolve as the day progresses...

PewPew Paladin: G&G Armament PCC45 AEG


PewPew Paladin got his hands on the PCC45 AEG from G&G Armament for a full video review... "The PCC45 is the striking new entry from G&G in their range of superb SMG's. Based upon the real-steel LWRC SMG45, this little AEG offers blistering performance and great build quality - wrapped up in a very modern style.

Octagon Airsoft SPAS 12 Folding Stock


For owners of the Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 airsoft shotgun looking to replace it stock, a folding stock is available from Octagon Airsoft and Pewpew Paladin takes a look at one... "If you're lucky enough to own a Tokyo Marui SPAS 12, you might well be on the lookout for one of the iconic folding stocks that are so synonymous with the platform. To find a genuine Tokyo Marui stock can be a tall order though and could leave you wondering if you'll be forever 'stockless'.

How Pewpew Paladin's Night Vision Setup Worked Out


A follow up video from Pewpew Paladin on his night vision setup... "Having now tried the Nitefox Cape out in the field, I give you my thoughts on how it held up.

While I have created this setup specifically for my SRU Tactical Helmet, it's easily run on any form of airsoft helmet with an NVG mount. The Nightfox Cape can also be used with one of the elasticated go-pro style head bands, and can thus be run with simple mesh or safety goggles if preferred."

DIY Night Vision Setup For SRU Tactical Helmet


Pewpew Paladin shows his night vision setup with the SRU Tactical Helmet... "In this edition of my airsoft vlogs, I give you a brief look at a cheap alternative night vision setup I've out together for my SRU Tactical Helmet - although it's worth pointing out that this setup will fit any helmet with an NVG mount.

Pewpew Paladin's New Tokyo Marui L96


Pewpew Paladin vlogs about his Tokyo Marui L96 airsoft sniper rifle, saying what he initially thinks about this... "In this episode of my Airsoft Vlogs, I give you my initial thoughts on my new Tokyo Marui L96. Based on the real British sniper from Accuracy International, this Tokyo Marui represents one of the most accurate airsoft replicas available - both in terms of attention to detail and ability to bullseye your chosen target.

Pewpew Paladin: Umarex Legends Lever Action Cowboy Rifle


Let's find out what Pewpew Paladin thinks about the Umarex Legends Lever Action Cowboy Rifle if it is practical to use in the field or it is good for plinking and doing some cowboy Cosplay... "The Umarex Legends lever action cowboy rifle is a testament to the quality of the Legends range.

Pewpew Paladin On The SIG Air MCX Virtus AEG


Pewpew Paladin likes what he sees on the SIG Air MCX Virtus AEG made by VFC in this video review... "The MCX Virtus is a fantastic 1:1 training aid produced by Sig's own in-house  Sig Air Division and is a must-have for any lover of truly authentic airsoft replicas."

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