Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition Review


It's the turn of Timerzanov Airsoft to try the Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition if it is a good chrono for airsoft players and game site owners to have... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of a new product from Acetech, so this is the first time that I offer you the review of a chronograph. So today I present to you the AC6000BT MKIII model in its Exclusive Edition version. So good or bad product?

L'Antre Du Dingo's AceTech AC6000BT MKIII Review


Ding Chavez gets his hands on one of the latest chrono from Acetech, the AC6000BT MKIII for this L'Antre Du Dingo review. The AC6000 BT is a high-quality and accurate device that measures the speed and power of airsoft guns. It has a user-friendly interface that displays the results on a white OLED screen with 128*128 pixels. You can also control it with a Bluetooth app that lets you customize your settings and view your data.

Geonox Airsoft: Acetech Blaster & AC6000BT Chrono


It's a chrono and tracer unit from Acetech that Geonox Airsoft gets to review in this video... "Here we look at the Blaster Tracer and the AC6000BT Chrono from Acetech. What is special about the Blaster Tracer are its 3 modes. There is the normal tracer function. Then there are the simulated flames. And the third mode is Tracer plus Flames.

The AC6000BT is easy to use. The readings are accurate and you can connect the whole thing to your cell phone via Bluetooth."

AceTech AC6000BT Chronograph Review


L'antre Du Dingo does a review of the chrono from an already familiar name in Airsoft, Acetech. In this review he checks out the AceTech AC6000BT Chrono which has a rechargeable battery and packed with features such as measuring muzzle velocity, rate of fire, energy, and 25 shot memory slots. It has a bluetooth feature so you can connect wireless to the AceTech mobile app as well as a tripod mount. Package usually comes with a premium zip up case.

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