Evolution Ghost XS EMR Carbontech ETS II Smart Airsoft Gun For CQB


Bezick Airsoft talks about the Evolution Airsoft Ghost XS EMR Carbontech ETS II Smart Airsoft Gun if it is the best airsoft gun for CQB games. It is a PDW/CQB style AEG that has a short outer barrel and sound amplifier for those who want to go loud. This AEG has a programmable ETU pre-installed, uses a high density Carbontech polymer receiver, and comes with a 6.01mm tightbore inner barrel.

Evolution Airsoft E017 Warrior GBB Pistol Review


Golgy, a Sunday gamer, checks out the E017 Warrior GBB Pistol from Evolution International. Probably you can easily identify what gun this is based on and this is made of Technopolymer on for the lower frame and the slide is CNC aluminium. Hop-Up is rotary and colour options are black and tan.

Evolution Airsoft Super Power Gas


Evolution International feature their special power gas for airsoft  guns... "Airsoft Guns are exposed to really severe working conditions. High Voltage LiPOs produce extremely high rates of fire, the sealing o-rings and packings are exposed to high pressure flows of hot and dry air (electric guns), freezing temperatures (gas and CO2) or quite high dry air pressures (HPA).

Evolution Airsoft Ghost AEG & More At La Triestina Outdoor


La Triestina Outdoor in Argentina show the Evolution International Ghost AEG and more stuff they have at their store... "The NEW Evolution Ghost airsoft markers come with their ETS III programmable electronic trigger that allows you to configure dozens of functions. In addition, the Evolution Combat Mk18 Mod 1 and Evolution Recon and E416 CQB also arrive ready to hit the field!"

Evolution Airsoft E.T.S. III Tutorial


Learn how to use the E.T.S. III that is found in new generation AEGs from Evolution International in this video tutorial... "With the E.T.S. III ™ you take your gun to the next level. Experience a new level of performance and open your mind to endless programming possibilities. The E.T.S. III™ gives you the edge.

Evolution International Airsoft Blowback Gun Assembly


Another look into the production process of Evolution International showing how they assembly their airsoft guns with blowback features... "Like our Smart Airsoft Gun also the Evolution Airsoft Blowback Airsoft Guns are designed and assembled in Evolution International Factory based in Milano, Italy.

After the assembly, every single Blowback Airsoft Gun goes through a strict testing and inspection process.

Riko Airsoft's Evolution International M40 Review


Riko Airsoft gives his take on the first airsoft sniper rifle from Evolution International, the M40 BASR... "The M40 is a very famous sniper rifle and loved by many, this time, proposed by Evolution in a perfect version for those who want to play as a sniper without spending a kidney."

A Look Inside Evolution International


Take a look inside Evolution International, the Italian airsoft company, and they'll give a sneek peak at their production and they talk about their Smart Airsoft Guns... "Evolution International is a very dynamic company with Strong Research and Development.

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