Airsoft Taiwan: Umarex/VFC H&K PSG-1 GBBR Overview


The first gas blowback version of the H&K PSG-1 made by VFC under licence from Umarex is now at Airsoft Taiwan... "This has a stamped steel receiver, easy Hop-Up adjustment, new design & reinforced PSG-1 Bolt Set, and real wood pistol grip. It can be dry-fired and gives a heavy recoil experience. It comes with a carry case when ordered.

Airsoft Taiwan: SIG Air M18 Gas Blowback Pistol


Airsoft Taiwan are now carrying the M18 Gas Blowback Pistol made by VFC for SIG Air ProForce. This is the more compact version of the M17 pistol which won the MHS of the U.S. Army and is based on the Sig Sauer P320 Pistol. The magazines for the M17 can also be used and has ambidextrous operation.

Modify PP2K GBB SMG At Airsoft Taiwan


Airsoft Taiwan are now carrying the new Modify PP2K GBB SMG at their online store and Kurt is here to tell you more about it... "Based on the classic Russian PP-2000, the PP-2K has been revived on an airsoft rifle that is sure to be a rage among players favoring Russian guns.

Airsoft Taiwan: Northeast Airsoft STEN MK5 GBB


Airsoft Taiwan will be carrying the Northeast Airsoft Sten MK5 GBB at their store... "The STEN Mk.5 is a better-quality, more elaborate version of the Mk 2, introduced in 1944. The upgrade includes wooden pistol grip, fore grip, wooden stock and a Lee Enfield No. 4 front sight. Which makes the gun more easily controlled and solid.

Option No. 1 Brushless AEG Motor World Edition


Brushless motors, the electric motors seen in model planes, are slowly being introducef to airsoft. In this video, Kurt of Airsoft Taiwan/RA-Tech shows us the Option No. 1 plug-in brushless motor for AEG. This is the World Version, not the Japanese edition which only requires to be plugged-in and suggested power source is the 7.4V 25A Lipo battery. It has low voltage battery protection function and is not sold cannot be sold in Japan and Taiwan (R.O.C.).

VFC Fabarm STF/12 At Airsoft Taiwan


Asian airsoft players waiting to have their hands on the VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun can visit the Airsoft Taiwan online store as they have it in stock. Fully licensed from Fabarm Arms it is a pump action airsoft shotgun with 3 or 6 round shooting modes. It has a fixed hop-up and is made of steel, aluminium, zinc alloy, nylon, and rubber. The stock is folding so it is handy in close quarters.

GHK MK18 Mod0 GBB Rifle At Airsoft Taiwan


If you have been wishing for a gas blowback versionn of the MK18 Mod 0 rifle, GHK has granted your wish with the release of GHK MK18 Mod0 GBB Rifle. Many like the gas blowback system of GHK and this one is a good seller as well. This has licensed Colt and Daniel Defense markings and comes with 40-round GMAG-style gas magazine. If you can't find it retailers in your area, visit the Airsoft Taiwan online store as they have it in stock.

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