Epic Airsoft Battles With The Rambo Kid


Bezick Airsoft got some CQB footage showing hem in action at an old nursey home... "A great CQB day at 101 Airsoft Scarborough this site is simply amazing. This is an old nursery home it has three floors, 84 rooms with the top floor being totally pitch black."

Evolution Ghost XS EMR Carbontech ETS II Smart Airsoft Gun For CQB


Bezick Airsoft talks about the Evolution Airsoft Ghost XS EMR Carbontech ETS II Smart Airsoft Gun if it is the best airsoft gun for CQB games. It is a PDW/CQB style AEG that has a short outer barrel and sound amplifier for those who want to go loud. This AEG has a programmable ETU pre-installed, uses a high density Carbontech polymer receiver, and comes with a 6.01mm tightbore inner barrel.

How To Start Airsofting


We're seeing more videos for airsoft beginners, which is a good thing and the latest to give advice is Bezick Airsoft... "How To Start Airsofting: The Ultimate Guide For A Beginner. If you have ever wondered how to get started in Airsoft then this video is for you. It has Airsoft tips, tricks and gear for beginners."

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