Timerzanov Airsoft: S&T/EMG Browning M1919


Timerzanov Airsoft tries out the S&T/EMG Browning M1919 for those who love heavy weapons in airsoft. This AEG uses the A&K M249 gearbox as powerplant and is a fully CNC'd airsoft replica of the famous Browning M1919. It comes with a stamped steel 5000-BB round box magazine and is Lipo-ready.

Mach Sakai: S&T M249 Para Light With A&K Box Magazine


Mach Sakai tests the S&T M249 Para Light AEG, which is also known as the Sportline model using the A&K M240 AEG Box Magazine if it is compatible with it. This is a lighweight M249 AEG as it uses polymer as material and comes with the para stock and integrate bipod.

S&T Sterling Mk5 L34A1 AEG Snap Shot


S&T got its own airsoft version of the Sterling MK5 L34A1 and it is available at Evike.com. It has a durable steel and metal alloy construction with a matte black finish. It also features a polymer grip, convenient folding stock for storage or CQB, and wood grip for stable firing support. Also part of the package is a detachable 110-BB round mid-cap magazine.

Jeff The Kid: S&T Winchester M1887 Lever Action Airsoft Shotgun


Take a look at this S&T Winchester M1887 Lever Action airsoft shotgun as reviewed by Jeff The Kid... "After the introduction of the semi-automatic shell ejection shotgun M1100 last time, everyone has been knocking with me to see this M1887 lever shotgun. If you want to see it, I will buy one to introduce it! Made by S&T-Winchester M1887 Lever Action shotgun How does this M1887 Lever Action shotgun produced by S&T perform?

S&T M1918 BAR AEG At Taiwan Gun


A peek at the features of the S&T M1918 BAR AEG that Taiwan Gun has in stock... "An AEG replica of an American WWII light machine gun. The mechanism is a gearbox with a quick spring change system, steel gears mounted on 8mm ball bearings. The stock and handguard are made of high-quality real wood, and the elements such as barrel, bipod, receiver, carry handle, trigger guard, magazine release catch and sights are made of metal alloys.

PPC Airsoft: S&T PPSH-41 Electric Blowback


An airsoft replica of one of the iconic vintage guns from the Soviet Union gets reviewed by PPC Airsoft, the S&T PPSH41 EBB... "Time is 1941! The Soviet Union (Red Army), Russia at that time, developed a new submachine gun. That's where the PPSH-41 submachine gun was born. A killing weapon that demands low cost, mass production, and improved performance. It has been sadly 80 years since its birth, and it still exists as a famous gun in modern times."

Mach Sakai: S&T Kar98K Caseless Real Wood Airsoft Review


The S&T Kar98K airsoft rifle has been available for sometime now in the airsoft market and usually it is with the faux wood. Mach Sakai got his hands on a version that has real wood. This usually fires around 280 to 350fps out of the box but this is lowered to meet Japanese regulations. Will the handling experience be the same or bettter when using real wood? Watch the video.

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