L'Antre Du Dingo: STORM PC-1 R-Shot system


Find out more about the STORM PC-1 R-shot system in this video review by L'Antre Du Dingo. STORM AIRSOFT has developed a new system for airsoft use. This system does not require any upgrades and offers exceptional performance right out of the box. The maker says it is also very reliable and durable, with an inaudible breaking shot and almost no variation in power. This sniper rifle is also a compact one for a 460mm internal gun. 

Storm PC-1 Airsoft Rifle With Pneumatic Piston Magnet Technology


Sniper-AS presents an airsoft gun that uses new tech, the Storm PC-1 Airsoft uses Pneumatic Piston Magnet Technology. This system uses an electromagnet to release air stored in a tank, which pushes the BBs out of the barrel in a very regular manner, giving it unprecedented performance for an original sniper. The only noise is the air escaping from the muzzle of the barrel, which can be completely eliminated with a silencer.

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